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News & Events

New Course Evaluation System: Student Rating of Instruction (SRI)

New Course Evaluation System: Student Rating of Instruction (SRI) to Launch at End of Week 6 Coming this quarter, there will be exciting changes to the course evaluation system that you are familiar with. You spoke, and we listened when you noted that the process was confusing and the length of the instrument was too long. Life University is committed to making this experience less taxing on you, while still giving the institution the information it needs. The End of…

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Life University Winter 2017 Commencements

Commencement exercises for the Life University College of Chiropractic will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24 in the second floor TIC Auditorium of the Center for Athletics and Sport Health Science (SHS). All Life University employees are invited to attend graduation. However, please be reminded that in an effort to maintain excellence in customer service, all departments should be appropriately staffed during this time. For additional detailed information about graduation, please see here.

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Life U at DC 2017 Conference

The DC 2017 Conference (ACC-RAC) is just around the corner (March 15-18), and we congratulate and send best wishes along to all of our students, faculty and alumni presenting at this year's conference in Washington D.C. Life U is always very well represented, and this year is certainly no different. See the list below, along with the title of their presentations (students in bold): Dr. Edward Owens, Dr. Brent Russell, Mike Weiner, Dr. Lydia Dever, Dr. Ronald Hosek and Dr. Stephanie…

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LIFE Leadership Weekend

LIFE Leadership Weekend is an event for future Doctor of Chiropractic students. Future chiropractic students are introduced to LIFE’s extraordinary educational experience by mingling with current students, faculty and staff, hearing from dynamic speakers, engaging in leadership training and touring downtown Atlanta. You will interact with practicing chiropractors and learn if Chiropractic is the profession for you.Stay the weekend! This event is offered four times a year in January, April, July and October. This two-day event is MUCH more than…

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Faces of LIFE

Faces of LIFE is a story campaign that showcases members of the dynamic LIFE community, including faculty, staff, students and alumni. Interested in being featured or nominating a candidate? E-mail Share your story with #FacesofLifeU on social media!       Yit Lim, Ph.D. Athlete, Professor, Coach Faculty: Sport Health Science  Crystal Jones, D.C. Intuitive Chiropractic Healer Alumni: D.C. 2013 Dillan Schouw Student-Athlete Becomes Coach Alumni: BBA & Computer Info Management    Brittany McClain Now Student Ambassador, Soon Doctor Student: Doctor of…

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LIFE Vision

LIFE Vision is a two-day shot of high-energy, high-impact, inspirational and educational moments designed to bring current and future chiropractic leaders of all perspectives together to connect and re-charge. This is a series of presentations delivered by visionaries who have lived it, are living it and will continue to live it. It’s a “heart” seminar with great practice building ideas. The next LIFE Vision seminars will be held on the following dates: Montreal - March 31-April 1, 2017 Atlanta…

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Dr. Riekeman


We are vitalistic visionaries relentlessly committed to disruptive social innovation.

Life University is breaking boundaries in disciplines across the health and wellness spectrum by impacting and inspiring future leaders to become life-change agents. We encourage our students to think freely and embrace reformative ideas, allowing them to maximize their innate potential.

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We are at the forefront of the vitalistic health revolution by offering studies within the fields of Chiropractic, Functional Kinesiology, Vitalistic Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Functional Neurology and Positive Business, using entrepreneurship for social change.

LIFE’s faculty promotes an atmosphere which encourages open-forum communication and a free exchange of ideas, inspiring students to express new and revolutionary solutions in a challenging, yet supportive environment.

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We are looking for the next great innovative minds who are willing to challenge, disrupt and break free from traditional thinking.

Students with energetic passion in the areas of health, wellness, science and sport will thrive here by having the ability to express their creative potential within our culture of excellence. To experience this rare academic opportunity, apply today!

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Campus Life

At Life University, you don’t just study to learn about the vitalistic health revolution. You live it!

Through our commitment to the Wellness Lifestyle, students have access to: Socrates Cafe; health and life coaches; over three miles of on-campus walking and hiking trails; and complete access to our on-campus chiropractic health clinics and the Functional Neurology Center.

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E Chandy
Athletics at Life


At Life University, our athletic teams are relentless in their commitment to winning on the field, in the classroom and in life. Visit our Running Eagles page.

Our student athletes have the unique benefit of having proper care through thought leaders in Chiropractic, Nutrition, Kinesiology and Neurology. The LIFE Sport Science Institute is where science meets performance and our own intercollegiate, club and intramural student-athletes gain access to comprehensive sport wellness resources.

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Our online program is an alternate and advantageous way to receive an impactful, LIFE-altering degree.

Now with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and concentrations within the Master of Science in Positive Psychology offered online, everyone has access to our highest standard of education. Discover your true potential, wherever you may be.

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