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Academic Advisement


Life University recognizes the role of advisement in the educational process and the responsibility of both our PASS Advisors and our faculty in providing effective advisement. Advisement does not focus exclusively on the students’ course scheduling but represents an opportunity for PASS Advisors, faculty advisors, and the University to express a special interest in both the personal and academic welfare of the student.

Academic involvement in student advising includes advisement in the area of academic preparation and mentoring to students. Advisors provide individual advisement to students, serve as club advisors, and mentor students in career path choices and other areas as needed.

Advisement and registration for students in the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies is coordinated by the Coordinator of University Advisement along with the Dean and respective department heads. (See a list of advisors below)

Advisement dates

Advisement for returning students is available throughout the quarter. Pre-registration advising appointments begin Week 7 and continue through the end of each quarter. All Students who entered Fall 2009 or later must see their advisor (PASS or faculty) prior to pre-registration in order to be cleared for WebAdvisor pre-registration. Students may be advised by their PASS Advisor or faculty advisor.

Please remember these advisors are there only to expedite and assist. Under absolutely no circumstances are their recommendations valid if they contravene existing, published University policy.

You are responsible for your schedule and your education.



Provisional/Transitional Studies:

Advisor  Location
Dr. Michael Smith – Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Engagement Room 103 CUS
Ms. Daisy Buckner Room 103 CUS
Dr. Michael Montgomery Room 103 CUS
Ms. Rebekah Janiak Room 103 CUS


General Studies & Pre-Chiropractic Programs:

Freshman Advisors  Location
Dr. Frank Ruechel Room 103 CUS
Mr. Henry Hammond Room 103 CUS
Mr. David Wallace Room 103 CUS
Dr. Peggy Samples Room 103 CUS


Sophomore and Above Advisors  Location
Dr. Scott Carpenter Room 236 CUS
Dr. Edwin Billmire Room 227 CUS
Dr. Deidra Meiggs-Harrison Room 103 CUS
Mr. Dickson Owusu Room 236 CUS
Dr. Vivek Penumetcha Room 236 CUS
Mr. Raj Pradhan – Dept. Chair Room 103 CUS
Dr. Robin Sibert-Nelson Room 236 CUS
Dr. Humberto Dutra Room 236 CUS


Advisors  Location
Dr. Scott Carpenter Room 236 CUS
Dr. Edwin Billmire Room 227 CUS
Dr. Vivek Penumetcha Room 236 CUS
Dr. Humberto Dutra Room 236 CUS

Business Administration

Advisors  Location
Dr. Frances Roberson Room 220 CUS
Ms. Marie Powell Room 103 CUS
Ms. Tanisha Bush Room 103 CUS
Mr. Greg Ware Room 103 CUS


Computer Information Management:

Advisors  Location
Dr. George Teston Room 103 CUS
Ms. Sailaja Pydimarri Room 103 CUS 

Exercise Science

Advisors  Location
Ms. Amanda Timberlake Room. 144 SHS
Dr. Cathy Faust– Dept. Chair Room. 150 SHS
Dr. Jeff Lander Room 143 SHS
Dr. Deloss Brubaker Room 142 SHS
Dr. Yit Lim Room 145 SHS
Dr. Jeff Rupp Room 152 SHS
Mr. James Paul Room 141 SHS



Advisors  Location
Dr. Vijay Ganji – Dept. Chair Room 137 CUS
Dr. Jaleh Dehpahlavan Room 137 CUS
Ms. Donna Plummer Room 137 CUS
Dr. Beverly Demetrius Room 137 CUS
Dr. Fang Bian Room 137 CUS
Dr. Lorna Shepherd Room 137 CUS



Advisors  Location
Peggy Samples, Dept. Chair Room 103 CUS
Dr. Cherry Collier Room 103 CUS
Dr. Richard Shook Room 103 CUS