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Volunteer Opportunities


Student Resources

The partnership between Student Involvement and Service Initiatives is pleased to provide volunteer opportunity information to the LIFE community. Many of our resources are now located on LIFEsync.

Below you will find several tutorials on how to best use LIFEsync. If you have any questions, need additional assistance or want to set up a training, please contact

How to sign into LIFEsync

The LIFE community uses a custom login system to give you access, so you don’t have to create an account; you can just use your LIFE username and password to sign in at

How to track group service hours

Tracking group service hours is now easier than ever! Have one leader or advisor submit the Group Volunteer Tracking Form.

How to track individual service hours online

  • In LIFEsync, go to your personal profile in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Involvement.”
  • Click on “Add Involvement Entry.”
  • Select “Service Participation” from the list of choices.
  • If the service partner is not listed, select “Other” and fill out the form to log your individual hours.

Community Partners

Life University students have a variety of interests and are excited to engage in service projects throughout Marietta and the surrounding community.

We are always looking for ways to collaborate and engage students in partnerships with local agencies and non-profit organizations. Below are several valuable resources on how to connect with student volunteers.

How to become a community partner

Your first step is to join our Volunteer Agency database by completing a short online form: Life University’s request to be added to the Volunteer Agency Database.

This will allow us to share your contact information and volunteer opportunities with the LIFE community.

How to request volunteers

If you are seeking volunteers for an ongoing initiative, a multi-day event, or a one-time event please complete the Request form to advertise volunteer events to Life University’s students.

Once we approve your event, it will be added to our LIFEsync calendar ( which is available for all faculty, staff, and students.

What is LIFEsync?

LIFEsync is an online database for the LIFE community. After a community partner has registered, your organization’s description, volunteer opportunities and contact information will be available to all faculty, staff and students. We encourage them to contact you directly.

Additional Information

If you need students to complete additional information, please contact This could include, but is not limited to applications, interviews, background checks, or pre-service waivers. We cannot guarantee that we will find volunteers for your event, and the University does not offer liability coverage to our volunteers.