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Life News

Faces of LIFE

Faces of LIFE is a story campaign that showcases members of the dynamic LIFE community, including faculty, staff, students and alumni. Interested in being featured or nominating a candidate? E-mail Share your story with #FacesofLifeU on social media!



yit-aun-lim-thumbnail crystal-jones-thumbnail  Dillan-Schouw-Thumbnail

Yit Lim, Ph.D.
Athlete, Professor, Coach
Faculty: Sport Health Science 
Crystal Jones, D.C.
Intuitive Chiropractic Healer
Alumni: D.C. 2013
Dillan Schouw
Student-Athlete Becomes Coach
Alumni: BBA & Computer Info
Brittany-McClain-thumbnail Caitlin Reimer Thumbnail  Rosana-Lopez-Rodriguez-Thumbnail
 Brittany McClain
Now Student Ambassador,
Soon Doctor
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
Caitlin Reimer
Inspirations in Chiropractic
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
Rosana Lopez Rodriguez
A Rollercoaster of Growing
Student: Doctor of Chiropractic
Karen-Mathiak-Thumbnail Josue Quiles Thumbnail Daniel-Kimbley-thumbnail
Karen Mathiak, D.C.
Leading in Chiropractic & Beyond
Alumni: D.C. 1984 
Josue Quiles
Setting Heart to Life
Student: Chiropractic, Psychology
Health Coaching, Exercise Science
Daniel C. Kimbley
Helping Hands
Student: Chiropractic
Cindy-Cozad-Thumbnail Allison-Outerbridge-Thumbnail Christie-Kwon-Thumbnail
Cindy Cozad
Undergrad, Over 30
Student: Dietetics 
Allison Outerbridge
I’m Never Going to Be
‘That Dietitian’
Student: Clinical Nutrition
Christie Kwon, M.S., D.C.
When Student Becomes Professor
Faculty: Assistant Professor
Alumni: D.C. 2011
Markisha-Dixon-Sallie-Thumbnail Bryna-Waters-Blue-Coat-Thumbnail Marwyn Bhanderi Thumbnail
Markisha Dixon-Sallie
That Joyous Feeling
Staff & Student: Pos Psychology
Bryna Waters
Planning for Success
Student: Chiropractic
Marwyn Bhanderi
Ten Careers in One
Student: Chiropractic
Jayme-Pendergast-Thumbnail Dawn-Barton-Cadwallader-Thumbnail  Dayane-Silva-Thumbnail
Jayme Pendergast
Helping Student-Athletes Win in
the Game and in Class
Staff: Athletics 
Dawn Barton Cadwallader, D.C.
Battling Concussion &
Making an IMPACT
Staff: IMPACT Tour Director
Dayane Silva
Communicating Good Food
Student: Nutrition
Emanuel-Echandy-Thumbnail Frank-Ruechel-Thumbnail Denise Pickett-BernardThumbnail
Emanuel Echandy
First Class to a
Never-Heard-of Career
Student: Chiropractic
Frank Ruechel, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Good Sources Make
Informed Citizens
Faculty: General Education
 Denise Pickett-Bernard,

Creating the New B.S.
Culinary Nutrition Program
Faculty: Nutrition
Tom Flores Thumbnail Fallon-Keen-Thumbnail Eric-Mundie-Thumbnail
Thomas Flores, Ph.D.
Introducing the New Positive
Human Development & Social
Change Degree
Faculty: PHDSC 
Fallon Keen
Passionate About
Chiropractic & Music
Student: Chiropractic
Eric Mundie
Connections in Chiropractic
Student: Chiropractic
Erica-Michaels-Thumbnail DeMariasThumbnail  Tiffany-Brown-Thumbnail
Erica Michaels
Back to LIFE
Staff: Enrollment
Drs. Anthony and
Casen DeMaria

Ready for Practice
Alumni: Chiropractic
Tiffany Brown
Entrepreneurship in
Student: Dietetics/Nutrition
Ariel-Bulmash-Thumbnail Jonell-Perez-Thumbnail  Elizabeth-Crawshaw-Thumbnail
Ariel Bulmash
Strength in Family:
Powerlifting & Chiropractic
Student: Biology 
Jonell Perez, D.C.
Mind and Body
Student/Alumni: D.C./Psych
Elizabeth Crawshaw
From Meat Pies to French Fries:
Learning Food by Culture
Student: Dietetic Internship
Michael-Karlin-Thumbnail SusanStarlingThumbnail  Deb-Roche-Thumbnail
 Dr. Michael Karlin
Compassion in Our DNA
Faculty: Psychology
Susan Starling
Sharks, Planes and
Study Abroad
Staff: ESL/Study Abroad
Dr. Deborah P. Roche
Flamingo Fever
Faculty/Staff: Chiropractic
Melissa-Baffin-Bazile-Thumbnail Chad-Billiris-Headshot Tara Atkins Thumbnail
Melissa Baffin-Bazile
Anywhere But France
Student: Chiropractic 
Chad Billiris
Journey through Martial Arts
Student: Chiropractic
Tara Atkins
Never Too Late
Staff: Financial Aid 
TonyWilliamsThumbnail Shelia-Wood-Thumbnail  Nico-Staples-Thumbnail
Tony Williams
The Ministry and the Military
Student: Chiropractic
Shelia Wood
Recipes for Life
Staff: Physical Plant

Dr. Nico Staples
Who You Really Are
Alumni: Chiropractic
Miriam-Goodfriend-Thumbnail Taylor-Docs-Thumbnail  SamanthaMarchHoward-Thumbnail
 Miriam Goodfriend
Banana Pancakes, Team Effort
and Volleyball
Student: Exercise Science
Dr. Cliff and Dr. Craig Taylor
Twin Ambitions
Alumni: Chiropractic
Dr. Samantha March-Howard
In Honor of Family
Alumni: Chiropractic 
BecciHolcombThumbnail  RennesToussaintThumbnail RayKnorrThumbnail
Becci Holcomb
Record-Breaking Strong
Student: Chiropractic
Dr. Rennes Toussaint
Running a Peruvian Practice
Alumni: Chiropractic 
Ray Knorr
A Rambling Home in
Student: Chiropractic
ShaCarolynHalyardThumbnail MichaelHallThumbnail ZachSimkinsThumbnail
ShaCarolyn Halyard
Living in Integrity
Student: Positive Psychology
Dr. Michael W. Hall
Entering the
NeuroLIFE Institute
Staff: NeuroLIFE Institute
Dr. Zachary Simkins
Advice from a
Chiropractic Alumnus
Alumni: Chiropractic
StephanieMahanThumbnail AlvinCodnerThumbnail WillPayneThumbnail
Stephanie Mahan
“That Chick’s Pretty Strong!”
Student: Chiropractic
Alvin Codner
First Graduate of Master’s
in Positive Psychology
Alumni: Positive Psychology
Will Payne
Beyond Prescriptions
Student: Chiropractic
FoltasThumbnail SteveWilcoskyThumbnail AndresJuliaTHUMBNAIL
John and Crystal Folta
From Navy Life to
Chiropractic LIFE
Students: Chiropractic
Steve Wilcosky
Bump, Set, Spike! LIFE’s
New Volleyball Program
Staff: Athletics
Andrés Juliá
Bringing Chiropractic
to Puerto Rico
Student: Chiropractic
MatWolfsonThumbnail TyrusBaytopsThumbnail NicoleStraskoThumbnail
Dr. Mat Wolfson
Authenticity in Chiropractic
Alumni: Chiropractic
Tyrus Baytops
Rugby, Good Grades and
the National Guard
Student: Business Admin
Nicole Strasko
Hitting Like a Girl
Student: Chiropractic
AnaCortesThumbnail ArcellaTrimbleThumbnail KevinKerseeThumbnail
Ana Cortes
The Doctor You Don’t Dread
Student: Chiropractic
Dr. Arcella Trimble
Pop Culture and Psychology
Faculty: Psychology
Kevin Kersee
Diversity in Chiropractic
Student: Chiropractic
JoseHernandezThumbnail StephenKnightThumbnail BrentMoneyThumbnail
José E. Hernández
Hungry for Change
Student: Clinical Nutrition
Stephen Knight
Shadowing Into a Career
Student: Biopsychology
Brent Money
Discovering the Reason Why
Student: Chiropractic
KeyondaSmithThumbnail StephanieDavidsonThumbnail AzaleaHancockThumbnail
Dr. Keyonda Smith
Getting LIFE Online
Staff: Online Learning
Stephanie Davidson
Holistic Care for Student
Performing Artists
Student: Nutrition/Chiro
Azalea Hancock
Master of Many
Student: Athletic Training
LauraMarcheseThumbnail JeremySmithThumbnail ZachThomasThumbnail
Laura Marchese
Nutrition and Media
Student: Dietetics
Jeremy Smith
Entering the Office of
the Ombudsman
Staff: Ombudsman
Zach Thomas
Listening to the Inner Voice
Student: Chiropractic
KarlaRuppenickerThumbnail TeregiColemanThumbnail ElizabethGeiszThumbnail
Karla Ruppenicker
No Two Days Alike
Staff: HR
Teregi Coleman
Investing in Ourselves
Staff/Student: Financial/Psych
Elizabeth Geisz
On Staff and In Class
Staff/Student: Enrollment/Psych
MichaelMontgomeryThumbnail ShaylaLobdellThumbnail MickeyParsonsThumbnail
Dr. Michael Montgomery
Advocating the Arts
Shayla Lobdell
From EMT to D.C.: Taking the
Holistic Path
Mickey Parsons
The Catalyst of Coaching
JonathanBeausejourThumbnail SheaThumbnail PaulThumbnail
Jonathan Beausejour
Reaching New Heights
Ryanne Shea
All Signs Point to Green
James Paul
Faculty Spotlight
dr-longyear EvanoffThumnail OzawadeSilva220x220
Michael Longyear, D.C.
LIFE Functional
Neurology Spotlight
Valarie Evanoff
From CNN to Dietetics:
Following her Passion
Dr. Brendan Ozawa-de Silva
Putting Compassion on
the Curriculum
Dr.-Catherine-Faust-220 Dr.-Jason-Corosanite-String-Theory-School-220 Dr.-Vijay-Ganji-picture220
Catherine Faust, D.C.
Faculty Spotlight
Jason Corosanite, D.C.
A Chiropractic Thought Leader
in K-12 Education
Dr. Vijay Ganji
Faculty Spotlight
Ty-Woods-picture220 FOLPlaceholderSquare
Ty Woods
The Unstoppable Ty Woods