Life University Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

2013-2014 Academic Catalog

PLEASE NOTE: The Academic Catalog serves as a reference for prospective and current students at Life University.  The Academic Catalog is available in digital format (here on the website) as well as in printed form (available through the Enrollment Department as well as Student Services).  The Catalog has a "shelf life" of at least one calendar year, and therefore, policies, degree offerings, course descriptions, etc. can change from one printing of the Catalog to the next.  Life University makes every attempt to keep this online version current and up-to-date.  However, the printed version may not be as reliable as time goes on. Regardless of the version you are viewing, please be sure to check with the respective department for the most current information.

Academic Calendar

Leadership / History of Life University
     About the President
     History of Life University

The Campus / Metro Atlanta
     Life University Campus Village
     Buildings & Facilities
     Metropolitan Atlanta & Surrounding Area
     Campus Map

General Information
     Mission, Core Proficiencies, Goals
     Accreditation, Memberships, Affiliations
     Public Service
     Community Services
     Rates of Persistence

Student Administrative Services
     Student Advocacy Center
     Tuition & Fees
     Financial Aid
     Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy
     Student Accounting Office

The Student Community
     Office of Student Services
     Student Support Services
     Student Resources
     Life University Honor Code
     Disciplinary Procedures

Campus Safety Department
     Crime Prevention
     Driving & Parking Information
     Alcohol / Drug Abuse Prevention Policy
     Student Right to Know / Annual Police Report

Athletics Department
     Intercollegiate Sports
     Club Sports
     Intramural Sports
     LIFE Sport Science Institute (LSSI)

Academic Policies & Information
     Student Handbook
     Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
     International Student Rules, Regulations & Procedures
     Office of Enrollment Veteran Armed Services Policy
     Student Transcripts
     Academic Advising & Registration Policies
     Attendance Policies
     Grading Policies
     Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
     Academic Standing
     Graduation & Scholastic Honors
     Intellectual Property Policy

College of Chiropractic
     Mission & Goals
     Career Information
     Application Process
     Financial Aid Information
     Admissions Requirements
     Technical Standards for the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
     Admission Status
     College of Chiropractic Organization
     Academic Policies
     Academic Standing
     Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum
     Office of Sponsored Research & Scholarly Activity
     Course Descriptions

Post Graduate Education

College of Undergraduate Studies
     Mission & Purpose
     Application Procedures
     Financial Aid Information
     Admissions Requirements
     Admission Status
     Transitional Studies
     Department of General Education
        Pre-DC Curriculum
        Bachelor of Science in General Studies
        Certificate in Coaching Psychology
        Associate Degree in Coaching Psychology
        Bachelor of Science in Psychology
        Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology
     Department of Sport Health Science
        Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
           Technical Standards for Exercise Science
        Bachelor of Science in Health Coaching
     Department of Business
        Associate Degree in Computer Information Management
        Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Management
        Bachelor of Business Administration
     Department of Natural Science
        Bachelor of Science in Biology
     Department of Nutrition
           Technical Standards for Nutrition and Dietetics
        Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
        Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
        Dietetics Internship
     Undergraduate Course Descriptions

College of Graduate Studies & Research
     Application Procedures
     Admission Status
     Academic Standing
     Master of Science in Sport Health Science
        Technical Standards for Sport Health Science
     Areas of Concentration:
        Chiropractic and Sport Science
        Exercise and Sport Science
        Sport Coaching
        Sport Injury Management
        Nutrition and Sport Science
     Sport Health Science Course Descriptions
     Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition
        Technical Standards for Clinical Nutrition
     Clinical Nutrition Course Descriptions



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