Clinical Education

Life University has perhaps the most comprehensive clinic system of any chiropractic college. Students receive hands-on training very early in their degree program in order to better prepare them for their careers as health care practitioners.  A Life University clinical education consists of the following:

Campus Center for Health & Optimum Performance (CC-HOP)
Doctor of Chiropractic students begin their clinic experience at the CC-HOP, which is also known as the Student Clinic.  Under faculty supervision, students adjust their peers, learn the basics of technique, become familiar with radiology and assessment, and hone their skills.

Center for Health & Optimum Performance (C-HOP)
After many quarters of instruction and experience in the Student Clinic, Doctor of Chiropractic students 'graduate' to the public clinic.  The C-HOP is a full-service public outpatient clinic based in Chiropractic and Vitalism.  Under the supervision of board-certified faculty clinicians, students begin assessment, analysis and adjusting of regular patients from the surrounding community.

Practice Excellence Art & Knowledge (PEAK) Clinic
For further education, late-quarter chiropractic students have the opportunity to participate in the PEAK Clinic internship program.  The program consists of a network of chiropractic practices all over the country, which offer Life University students the opportunity to experience a real-world chiropractic office.  Under the supervision of a licensed chiropractor, students get to adjust patients and get an inside look at the business of running a practice.  There are even some PEAK International clinics available to students in places such as New Zealand, Peru, Ghana, Sweden and Costa Rica.  There is also a PEAK Military program offering students a chance to participate in clinical rotations within military teaching hospitals in Virginia and West Virginia.

Public Clinics

Center for Health & Optimum Performance (C-HOP)
Located on the campus of Life University, the C-HOP clinic is open to the public and sees more than 50,000 patient visits per year.  A team of professionals in vitalistic healthcare, anchored by Doctors of Chiropractic, including board-certified specialists, provides care to the metro Atlanta community.  Health services include chiropractic care, wellness coaching, functional rehabilitation, pediatric care and nutritional services.  To learn more about the C-HOP services and to schedule an appointment, please click here to go to the C-HOP Clinic website.

Community Outreach Clinic
The Life University Outreach Clinics are dedicated to helping the underserved population of Cobb County and the surrounding areas with a high level of care and customer service.  We are reaching out to people who may not know about chiropractic care and/or who may not have access to chiropractic care.  Currently, we enjoy partnerships with ministries, charities and low-cost medical facilities to provide the most benefit to those in need in our community.  CLICK HERE for more information about our Community Outreach Clinic.