Visitor Info

When visiting the campus of Life University, we ask that you stop by the Campus Safety Department in order to obtain a visitor's parking pass.  The Campus Safety Department is located in MOD 2 behind the Learning Resources Center.  Once you have obtained your visitor's pass, you can then proceed to park in the designated lots for visitors.  LIfe University is a safe and secure environment, so it is always important for the Administration and the Campus Safety Department to know when visitors are on campus.

If you have a scheduled appointment with a faculty or staff member, you can obtain a visitor's parking pass ahead of time directly from the person you are visiting.  This temporary visitor's parking pass will be sent to you via email as a PDF document containing the specific date and time you will be on campus.  You will need to print this pass out and display it clearly on your dashboard when you are on campus.  If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Safety Department at 770-426-2681. 

Any media outlet wishing to visit or enter campus should contact:
Marketing & Communications Office
(770) 426-2833.

Any photographer wishing to take photos and/or video of the campus, or wishing to take personal photos, must have the permission of the Marketing & Communications Department.  A fee of $50 may be required for professional photographers.  Please contact Craig Dekshenieks in the Marketing & Communications Department at (770) 426-2833.