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University Advisement

Congratulations on being accepted to LIFE University. The University Advisement Center is excited to assist you with your next steps as a student here. Please review the New Student Advisement Timeline listed below:

University Advisement Center Mission Statement

Life University offers academic advising to help foster students’ academic success. This advising is targeted to the needs of students at different points in their academic career. Academic advising is a highly individualized collaborative process between student and advisor allowing for clarification, assessment, and monitoring of a student’s academic progression. The advisement resources on campus are dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which students are empowered to pursue and make meaning of a Life University education. Students will gain skills and values needed for career success and personal fulfillment through academic advising.

EagleNet Use

All students may find the name of their advisor through their EagleNet account. Students are expected to utilize EagleNet in conjunction with their academic advisor to build their academic plan and register for approved courses.

Advisor Responsibility Statement

Academic advisors are in place to monitor and accurately document your progress towards meeting your degree requirements. In addition, advisors will inform and provide you with the appropriate campus resources to assist you in your academic journey. Advising is a collaborative educational relationship among the student and advisor in meeting and ensuring academic, career and personal wellness goals.

Student Accountability Statement

Academic advisors are here to support their students along their academic journey. The ultimate completion of all academic requirements relies on the student. The student is responsible for scheduling regular advisement appointments and reaching out their advisor. The student is accountable for the decisions and actions that affect their educational progress and goals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through the advising experience at Life University, you will:

  • demonstrate the ability to make, and follow through with, healthy, effective decisions concerning your educational, career and personal wellness goals,
  • develop an educational plan for successfully achieving your goals and select courses each quarter to progress toward those goals,
  • demonstrate an understanding of the value of the Life University degree through the value of the general education requirements, major/minor requirements, and professional programs,
  • utilize the resources and services on campus to assist you in achieving your academic, career, and personal wellness goals,
  • make use of referrals to campus resources as needed
  • effectively utilize a degree audit through the use of EagleNet in your educational planning, and
  • graduate in a timely manner based on your educational plans.


Mandatory University Advisement Center Holds

Chiropractic Program

  • 1st-4th quarter students are required to see an advisor, regardless of GPA
  • All probation students
  • 10th quarter students to ensure graduation requirements are being met

Undergraduate Program

  • Students with less than 45 Life University earned hours are required to see an advisor, regardless of GPA
  • All probation students are mandatory
  • Please note that students with 45 Life University earned hours or more, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, do not have to see an advisor
  • Students with at least 135 hours towards their degree to ensure graduation requirements are being met


Contact Us
University Advisement Center
CCE Building Rm 103
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m.