Earn your Biology degree from Life University

An undergraduate biology degree from Life University yields more than lab experience
and preparation for continued study at the master’s level. In small, collaborative
lectures and labs, biology majors excel in their studies in a health and wellness-based
environment that promotes the essential study of life. Since LIFE’s curriculum is
grounded in Vitalism, the philosophical understanding that all organic systems are
conscious, self-developing, self-healing and self-maintaining, all of LIFE’s academic
programs interconnect in their respect for the body’s innate intelligence.

The LIFE community is a unique, close-knit family that inspires each student to explore
new opportunities, challenge the system and discover their untapped potential within.

“I like how everything can play into the holistic mindset; I can apply chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology to the human body and see how all these things collaborate to work so well together.”

 -Stephen Knight, B.S. in Biopsychology student

At Life University, we have a rolling admissions process so you can apply any time without having to worry about deadlines and specific dates.

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