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Student Advocacy and Advisement

Student Advocacy &
Advisement Center

The mission of the Student Advocacy and Advisement Center is to enhance the student experience, success and retention.

We do this by providing a one-stop-shop where students can receive answers for advisement, financial aid, student accounts and registration and assistance with student advocacy..

Student Advocacy Center Staff

Tameka Glass, Director of Student Advocacy and Advisement

Student Advocacy Front Desk Representatives

Stephen Jordan, Student Advocate
Sonya Coker, Student Advocate
Shamere Reynolds, Student Experience Coordinator

PASS Advisors

PASS Advisors provide advisement for Undergraduate and Chiropractic students.

Corey Hamilton (A-G, Athletes)

Erica Hampson (H-Q, Provisional)

Jasmine Simmons (R-Z & International)

Teshia Sims (Provisional Students & Online)


Academic Advisement

PASS (Progressive Advisement for Student Success), Student Advocates and the Student Experience Coordinator play a huge role in students’ holistic experience at Life University. The Student Advocacy Center works closely with many of the other offices around campus to ensure that students’ needs are met and questions answered.

The PASS Advisors make contact with students after acceptance by the enrollment management team and discuss orientation and class schedules for the students’ first few quarters. They also work with students to ensure needs are met with Financial Aid paperwork and housing arrangements.

Students visit their PASS Advisor at least once per quarter to discuss registration and course selection for the upcoming quarter and are invited to visit as often as needed to discuss any concerns, questions or just to share news. PASS Advisement is a mandatory process at Life University. PASS Advisors focus largely on the student as a whole, meaning they are invested in helping each student grow in all areas – not just academics.

At the completion of two quarters of work in the College of Chiropractic and three quarters in the College of Undergraduate Studies, students are transitioned to Faculty Advisors for the remainder of their academic career at Life University. At that point, PASS Advisors become advocates more than advisors for these students. Students can come by and see them, but the PASS Advisor will also direct them to appropriate resources outside their office, including the Faculty Advisor if necessary.

After Orientation, members of the PASS advising team teach the First Year Experience (FYE) 101 and 103 series (1101 online series for D.C. students), helping students further orient themselves to the LIFE campus and culture. Topics covered include Library resources, University policies, academic advising and planning, motivation, financial health, academic skills (learning styles, time management, and study skills), various assessments to engage students in discussion about these topics, and presentations by a variety of campus offices and resources.

Walk-In Advisement

Walk-in Advisement is for students that have not set up an appointment with their designated PASS Advisor. The student will be with the On-Call PASS Advisor with basic questions.


Students can set an appointment with their designated PASS Advisor here. Type your assigned PASS Advisor’s name to see availability.

Office Hours

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Extended hours for New Student Orientation.
Contact Number: 770.426.2667

Registration (After Grade Reports Processed)

Thursday, July 6, 2017 – 1:00 PM**
Transfer Student DC Advisement and Registration

Thursday, July 6, 2017 – 1:00 PM
PASS Advisor Registration; from Pre-DC (UG) to DC*

Friday, July 7, 2017 – 1:00 PM
New Student Web Registration, E-mail & Blackboard Orientation

Friday, July 7, 2017 – 1:00 PM**
New DC PASS Advisor WEB Registration

New Student Advisement and Registration

Thursday, July 6, 2017
By Appointment (see Orientation Schedule)

Friday, July 7, 2017
By Appointment (see Orientation Schedule)


  • *Students moving from Life University’s Undergraduate Program into the Doctor of Chiropractic Program will have to attend a Week 7 meeting during the previous quarter at which time they will have selected courses. Registration for this population will be done by PASS advisors during the week of July 3, 2017 through July 7, 2017. Students can then view their schedules via Web Advisor beginning July 7, 2017.
  • **New students can check for general Orientation information on the Life University website and will receive a schedule via email once they have been accepted.



Life University recognizes the role of advisement in the educational process and the responsibility of both our PASS Advisors and our faculty in providing effective advisement.  Advisement does not focus exclusively on the students’ course scheduling but represents an opportunity for PASS Advisors, faculty advisors, and the University to express a special interest in both the personal and academic welfare of the student. 

 Academic involvement in student advising includes advisement in the area of academic preparation and mentoring to students.  Advisors provide individual advisement to students, serve as club advisors, and mentor students in career path choices and other areas as needed. 

 Advisement and registration for students in the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies is coordinated by the Director of Student Advocacy and Advisement along with the Dean and respective department heads. (See a list of advisors below)

 Advisement dates

Advisement for returning students is available throughout the quarter. Pre-registration advising appointments begin Week 7 and continue through the end of each quarter. All Students who entered Fall 2009 or later must see their advisor (PASS or faculty) prior to pre-registration in order to be cleared for Web Advisor pre-registration. Students may be advised by their PASS Advisor or faculty advisor.

 Please remember these advisors are there only to expedite and assist.  Under absolutely no circumstances are their recommendations valid if they contravene existing, published University policy. 

 You are responsible for your schedule and your education.