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Eagle Dollars


Eagle Dollars is a declining balance money account and an easy way to budget your purchases at many of the University venues. By adding funds to your LIFE ID, you can present your card for payment at Socrates Café, Plato II Go, Eagles Landing or the Library.


  1. Browse to Students log on with your Bb credentials. Faculty/Staff log in with your standard LIFE credentials.
  2. Enter your 7-digit student/employee number from the back of your LIFE ID card.
  3. Navigate to the “Accounts” tab, then to “Eagle Dollars”.
  4. Add funds using a credit/debit card. (you can also add funds using cash at the fill station, located in the Library lobby.

Account balances will be shown if there is an active relationship with the University (i.e. employed/enrolled). Current students receive a University printing credit of $7.50 each quarter, designated for printing only; these funds are non-refundable and cannot be used at any retail locations.

Information about Eagle Dollars accounts will be disclosed to third parties only per FERPA guidelines.


To reduce the likelihood of unauthorized purchases from lost or stolen cards, students, faculty or staff members may not “send” their card with someone else to make a purchase with Eagle Dollars. The cardholder must present their own LIFE ID card themselves but may purchase food items and/or print documents for someone else.


Refund requests or suspected errors must be made in writing to and will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. Approved refunds will be issued via check and mailed to the permanent address on file with the University.

The University reserves the right to notify the account holder via email on file, and close Eagle Dollars accounts that are inactive for more than one calendar year.

Refunds will not be made if the account balance (excluding University printing credit) is less than $25.

Any amount owed to the University will be deducted from the available account balance before any refunds are processed. (less the University printing credit).


A lost or stolen LIFE ID card must be reported to Student Services immediately and the cardholder must log onto and deactivate the card account to prevent unauthorized use.

If the card is found, it may be reactivated on the Bb site listed above.

Student Services can only deactivate an ID Card if the student/employee appears in person. Student Services may issue a replacement LIFE ID card in accordance with their policy. Once a new Eagle Dollars account is created by the cardholder, the old card balance can be transferred.

For more info on Eagle Dollars, email