Earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University

Life University (LIFE) is home to the world’s largest Chiropractic education program, with students consistently ranking in the top 10 in scores for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE). Life University chiropractic students investigate the processes of the human body in top-of-the-line facilities with unmatched resources. Students also achieve a thorough grasp of the theoretical groundings of Vitalism, the understanding that the body is a conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism.

  • Combine hands-on chiropractic training and chiropractic academic rigor to prepare for real-life practice, including how to establish a successful chiropractic entrepreneurial business
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history and accomplishments of the chiropractic pioneers in establishing chiropractic as a separate and distinct health care profession
  • Learn to counsel chiropractic patients with regard to the restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal health.

“I can remember getting the adjustment and leaving and feeling different; it was almost like my vision was clearer, the colors more crisp. I remember thinking while walking back to my car, ‘Okay, how can I do that for people?’”

-Zach Thomas, Doctor of Chiropractic student

At Life University, we have a rolling admissions process into the Chiropractic Degree program, so you can apply any time to enter into the university’s quarter-based academic calendar.

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