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Fang Bian, Ph.D.




2008-2010: Postdoctoral Award – American Heart Association, Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, Ohio

Title: Interdisciplinary spectrometry technology development to study diabetes

2001-2006: Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, Ohio, Nutrition

Dissertation: Novel aspects of fatty acid oxidation uncovered by the combination of mass isotopomer analysis and metabolomics 

1992-1996: B.S., Shanghai Ocean University, Food Science


Fang Bian, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at Life University in the Department of Nutrition. Dr. Bian’s work focused on life science, nutrition and health promotion. Dr. Bian’s nutrition focus was in both academic and industrial settings. She is a nutritional scientist and an expert in separation sciences, nutrient metabolism, and design and implementation of methods and experiments using state-of-art LCMS technologies. Dr. Bian worked as food engineer and food quality manager for major international food companies. Dr. Bian’s interdisciplinary focus was on neuroscience and biomedical engineering. She is author or co-author of nine peer reviewed publications, 26 international conference proceedings, 15 conference and colloquium presentations.

Dr. Bian is a dedicated mentor known for her clear, easy-to-follow teaching style. She always tailors communication to the audience she is addressing. She is recognized for a strong work ethic, technical expertise, critical and creative thinking skills. Currently, she teaches undergraduate, graduate courses and supervises clinical nutrition master students at Life University in the Department of Nutrition. Dr. Bian is passionate about new course development and lesson plans with the addition of newest research findings to promote student curiosity and critical thinking.

Curriculum Vitae