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Marla Thompson, MBA


BA, Interpersonal Communications
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI

MBA, Regis University
Denver, CO

DBA Candidate
Columbia Southern University


Marla Thompson, MBA is an Adjunct Professor at Life University. She is highly accomplished and a reputable subject matter expert facilitating online and in-class business and marketing courses to students seeking careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the global economy. Her approach of embracing experts from the business community and integrating a borderless classroom methodology inspires academic excellence and creates a rewarding learning experience. Her successful track record reflects years of engaging, challenging and nurturing students so that they are compelled to achieve exceptional learning outcomes.

To earn a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), she is undertaking extensive research on work ethic behavior between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.

Additionally, Thompson leverages a variety of stimulating active learning strategies that engage students through the development of critical thinking skills that allow them to generalize across multiple domains. The exercises created by Thompson involve visionary collaboration of material and the use of artistic visual aids, social media and theoretical abstracts. Accordingly, students learn effective methods to defend their positions and are empowered to demonstrate critical thinking approaches to the learning process. This encourages ownership of the content and material as well as assists students with finding solutions that ultimately place them on a trajectory of success. In essence, Marla J. Thompson provides the foundation for a quality learning experience by ensuring coherence in the discipline, rigor in the content and relevant business practices.