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Ronald G. Ware, M.B.A., DBA Candidate




B.S. Public Affairs
Indiana University

University of Phoenix

DBA Candidate
University of Phoenix


My name is Ronald G. Ware and my friends call me Greg. I was born in Indiana and have two brothers and two sisters. I graduated from Indiana University in 1983 with a BS in Public Affairs. Some years later, I graduated from University of Phoenix with an MBA in Marketing, and currently a DBA candidate. I currently work for Life University in Marietta, GA, ( known for graduating chiropractors, and I serve as the faculty athletic representative. I am the co-founder of Ware Prep Academy, a federally registered 501 C3 not for profit that specializes in youth athletics, and co-founder and CEO of Confessions Coffee, Inc., a gourmet coffee wholesale company. I am married to a wonderful lady with a PhD in biology and we have a 15-year-old daughter. We live in Canton, GA