Earn an Exercise Science Degree from Life University

Professionals in exercise science play diverse and pivotal roles in the field of sports medicine and performance, and a Life University (LIFE) degree gives students an edge over the competition. The Bachelor of Exercise Science program prepares highly qualified individuals for careers in research, teaching, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, sport injury management, health promotion, corporate fitness, and community-based fitness and wellness programs. While traditional exercise and sport science focuses on diagnosing and treating chronic conditions and injury related to athletic activity, LIFE takes it to the next level by helping individuals achieve optimal athletic performance.

  • Work in the functional rehabilitation facilities of our on-campus public clinic
  • Assist community members in achieving greater levels of daily function and sport performance
  • Choose research and internship opportunities to gain further hands-on education in a specialized area

“Because it’s a small university, we get more opportunities to stretch ourselves. Other schools do not get that kind of opportunity, to try out your knowledge and skills in a real-world environment.”

-Laura Marchese, Dietetics Student