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Life News

Director of Clinical Education for the College of Chiropractic

I am happy to announce that on January 15, 2018, Dr. Melissa Loschiavo officially assumed the role of Director of Clinical Education for the College of Chiropractic. Dr. Loschiavo has served as Division Chair of Clinical Sciences, and prior to that served as a faculty member in the area of Radiology. She has excelled in her role as a faculty member and an educational leader and has chosen to embark on working with the Chiropractic program from an assessment and outcomes perspective. She brings with her various qualities that will help the College of Chiropractic to ensure that we are fulfilling our mission of educating and graduating skilled and compassionate Doctors of Chiropractic. Her previous work in the college and within the University has demonstrated commitment to chiropractic education and to providing and preparing our students to become skilled professionals focused on serving the health needs of society.

I ask that the Life University community join me in congratulating Dr. Melissa Loschiavo in her new role.

Dr. Leslie King
College of Chiropractic