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James Oppenheim, MPH, D.C.




Doctor of Chiropractic – Life University, 1980


Dr. Oppenheim was born in Kansas City Missouri. He has lived in a diverse number of places, including Wichita, Kansas; Miami, Florida; Rockport Massachusetts; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has been an Assistant Professor at his Alma mater Life University since 1999 after practicing in the field for almost 20 years. He still practices on a limited basis while retaining his full time professorship, on campus as well as in India where he has a second home in Meherabad, MS India.

Dr. Oppenheim has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate healthcare classes, including Advanced SOT and Network Spinal Analysis, Public and Environmental Health. He is also an adviser for students in the chiropractic program.

He has been the academic adviser for the student Sacro Occipital Technique club and the Student Association for Network Analysis Care club. In addition, he has participated on teams to create, coordinate and teach professional postgraduate seminars to chiropractors for licensing and certification.

Dr. Oppenheim is an active member of the Faculty Senate. Over the years, he has been a participant volunteer for the United Way; a Rotary Club International Board Member; on the Myrtle Beach Sister City Committee, and involved with the Meher Baba Spiritual Center.