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Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Research

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Research (OIEPR) acts in a supporting role striving toward the continuous improvement of our educational programs and support services.

Furthering the realization of Life University’s overall mission, one of assisting our students in achieving their fullest potential, is our primary objective. The Institutional Research component of OIEPR provides members of the University administration information including enrollment history, data for academic planning and assessment, information for state and federal reporting, and the results of various administrative surveys.


All components of the University (educational programs, administrative and educational support units) will understand and utilize the continuous improvement cycle (CIC) as their model for planning and assessment.

These units will also have a working knowledge of the institutional effectiveness process at the University and an understanding of how their CIC plan and report contributes to the overall process. All units of the University will be involved with Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research in developing, administering and evaluating assessment tools to better measure program and service effectiveness.

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research will provide all units of the University with accurate and relevant institutional data and reports in a timely manner.


Vince Erario, D.C.
Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research
Phone: 678.264.8808 ext.1704

Howard G. Wright, Ed. D.
Director, Institutional Research
Phone: 770.426.2784

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