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Bachelor of Science in Health Coaching

Bachelor of Science in Health Coaching

Unlike health educators who typically provide information for patients to use on their own, health coaching uses a more interactive consultation model with the coach and patient working together. A LIFE health coach walks the road with patients, helping them actually apply information to their unique situation. They help patients gain a deeper understanding of their conditions and master the skills needed to persist and succeed with a prescribed healthcare regimen. Coaches can also help people interact most effectively with a multi-disciplinary team of clinical specialists, identify providers with appropriate expertise, communicate with clinicians and advocate on the patient’s behalf.

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate Health/Wellness Administrators
  • Corporate Health/Wellness Administrators
  • Corporate Health/Wellness Administrators
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Coach

Degree Requirements

Students receiving a Bachelor of Science in Health Coaching degree must complete a minimum 188 credit hours of instruction.

Area A Communications & Humanities 20 hours
Area B Science, Mathematics & Computers 25 hours
Area C Social Sciences 20 hours

Sub-total: 65 credit hours

Area A Natural Science Core 20 hours
Area B Health Coaching Requirements 57 hours
Area C Health Coaching Electives & Minors 35 hours
Area D General Electives (10-12 hours) 12 hours

Sub-total: 124 credit hours

Additional Completion Requirements

  • Completion of at least four years of prescribed study, of which the last year must be in residence at Life University, with at least 45 credit hours of Health Coaching courses being earned in the last year of residency.
  • Satisfactory completion of all Health Coaching and Natural Science courses (Areas IV – VI) with a minimum grade of C.
  • Satisfactory completion of all courses with a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • A recommendation for graduation and completion of an exit interview with the Sport Health Science faculty.
  • Exit interviews with Financial Aid, Career Placement and Accounting Counselors.
  • Official graduation records review with the Registrar or designate.