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Academic Support

The Student Success Center (SSC), located in the Center for Chiropractic Education building (CCE), provides the following services free for all currently enrolled Life University students.

Academic Support Services

SSC offers a variety of services to support students in achieving their academic goals. In addition to helping students improve their study skills and develop learning strategies to enhance academic achievement, assistance is also made available through these services:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Tutoring
  • Educational Workshops
  • Translational Support Program
  • Learning Labs
  • Make-up Testing

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses. SI is a non-remedial approach to learning enrichment designed to increase student performance and retention. SI offers regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions to all students enrolled in targeted courses. SI study sessions are informal seminars in which students review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for examinations. Students learn how to integrate course content with reasoning and study skills.

SI Leaders are “near peers.” SI Leaders are students themselves who have previously taken the class and have earned a high grade in the course. Faculty typically recommends the Leaders who facilitate the SI sessions. SI Leaders undergo a vigorous training program and are prepared to share effective study techniques/tools that are beneficial in the course.


Tutoring sessions are drop-in sessions. If tutoring services are not offered, students will be informed and referred to the appropriate Learning Labs for assistance and/or encouraged to contact their faculty for further assistance. There is no additional charge for tutoring is offered through the Student Success Center.

Tutors act as facilitators by supporting their peers in strengthening study skills, such as time management, academic goal setting and note-taking while studying specific course content. Tutoring sessions are drop-in format. If tutoring services are not offered, students will be informed and referred to the appropriate learning labs for assistance and/or encouraged to contact their faculty for further assistance.

Academic Workshops

Academic workshops include such topics as effective learning strategies, learning styles, study habits, goal setting, and time management. The workshops vary from interactive processes to individual one-on-one workshops by appointment. Please refer to the Workshop Schedule for dates, times, and locations of workshops.

Translation Support Program

The Translation Support Program helps non-native English-speaking students to strength their communication skills so that they may be more successful in their academic programs at Life University. Students can find resources to enhance their reading, comprehending, and speaking of the English language, along with other support. The resources are available in CCE 109.

*Academic support schedules are subject to change throughout the quarter. Students are directed to the Student Success Center (SSC) Blackboard site regarding the location and times for Supplemental Instruction (SI), tutoring and the various learning labs. Alternatively, a copy can be collected from the SSC in the CCE Bldg.

Learning Labs

The Student Success Center’s Learning Labs provide a comfortable place to work on assignments and study while the student is on campus. The Learning Labs are open to all Life University students. Each Learning Lab has resources that are beneficial to support the students’ academic achievement at Life University.

There are three Student Success Learning Labs. The Learning Labs are located in CCE 109, CGUS 217, and CGUS 218/219. Hours vary according to each Learning Lab.

Make-up Testing

Make-Up Testing is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 11:00 a.m. during weeks 1 through 10. There is no make-up testing on Week 3 Tuesday and Week 4 Tuesday and Wednesday due to the OSCE testing. There is no make-up testing during finals week. All testing is conducted in room 152 in the CCE building. Make-up request forms are available in the lobby of the SSC in the CCE building. They must be filled out and signed by a faculty member prior to the exam. No appointment is needed.

Notary Service

Notary service is available Monday-Friday except Holidays from 7:00 a.m-3:00 p.m. This service is free to LIFE ID holders.