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Life News

Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI)

Beginning Saturday, February 24 and ending at Midnight on Thursday, March 22, Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) will be available for all courses in which you are enrolled. You will be sent an invitation to complete them via email, or you can be more proactive and complete them at your convenience when you are logged into Blackboard.

Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI’s) capture your feedback of the instruction you are receiving here at Life U. The revised questions and instructions have been streamlined and are more meaningful, which will help instructors and the administration to make changes where needed. Comments are always welcomed.

To access the Student Ratings of Instruction directly through Blackboard, log into Blackboard and click on the link found on the organizational or course tabs.

Please be assured that while it is necessary for you to enter your Life University credentials to directly enter the Campus Labs portal or Blackboard, your answers to the instruments are anonymous.

Instructors and administration can only see aggregate data after the quarter has been completed. Please note that no course will be evaluated that has five students or less to preserve your anonymity when you leave feedback for your instructor.