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Life News

Recycle – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

FROM: Facilities Management

Did you know it takes less than 30 seconds to break down a single box for recycle? Although we have recycle pickup from the designated stations in every building, it is the responsibility OF EVERY PERSON to break down their own boxes. When placing cardboard boxes for recycle, remember the following:

  • Do not leave boxes in any areas not designated for recycle – hallways, stair landings, etc. are not recycle pick-up areas.
  • If you have a large pickup, such as from a delivery, please put in a Work Order to have them collected from your space so as not to block the recycle collection area.
  • Boxes not broken down cannot be taken. Thus, they just sit and detract from the entire surroundings.
  • Packing materials, packing peanuts, and styrofoam are not recyclable with boxes, so please separate those items for the regular trash.
Please, do your part and help us show sustainability strength!