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Registration for Classes


Pre-registration: Begins the eighth (8th) or ninth (9th) week of the previous quarter

Registration: Begins twelfth (12th) week Wednesday after all grades have been submitted & transcribed (prior to and including Tuesday (UG) and Wednesday (COC & MS) of first (1st) week of next quarter’s classes. Registration for 2nd 5 week classes ends sixth (6th) week Wednesday.

Add: From midnight Tuesday until Thursday (UG). From midnight Wednesday (COC & MS) until Friday (COC & MS) of first (1st) week of classes. Add for 2nd 5 week classes ends sixth (6th) week Friday.

Add/Drop Fee: $25.00 per action

Note:    Switching a lab is actually both an add, and a drop so two fees will be charged.

Drop: Last day to drop class(es) with a grade of W, Friday of the third (3rd) wk. 1st 5 wk. qtr class. Friday of the sixth (6th) week full qtr class. Friday of the ninth (9th) week 2nd 5 wk. qtr class.

Last day to drop full qtr class(es): Monday of the eighth (8th) wk. but a grade of WNP or WF is assigned.

Withdrawal/Last day to withdraw from all classes: Hiatus           Monday of the tenth (10th) wk. full qtr. Class but it is with a grade of WNP or WF.



A student will be denied unsupervised registration if a hold has been placed on that student’s records. Holds include (but not limited to):

Academic Actions Pending: (Must clear through Student Services)
There is pending academic or disciplinary action.

Accounting Hold: (Must clear through Student Accounts)
For any unpaid balance owed to Life University.

Academic Restriction Hold:
Academic status is not in good standing/not achieving satisfactory academic progress within student’s program of study.

Address Hold: Must update address via Web or Student Advocacy Center
Mail to the student is returned undeliverable.

Advisor Hold: (See respective UG or DC Advisor)
Entering 2nd qtr UG or DC required advisement

Clinic Retest Hold: (See COC Dean’s Advisor)
A returning or re-admitted student who has been out of clinic for one or more quarters will not be allowed to practice in any clinic.

Failed Courses Hold: (See Student Advocacy desk or COC Dean’s Advisor)
Requires supervised registration because DC student did not repeat failed clinics/courses immediately the following quarter.

Failed Twice Hold: (See COC Dean’s Advisor)
DC students who have failed the same course or Clinic twice or more. All registrations are held until grades for the quarter are processed and qualification for registration is verified.

Note:   Second failure results in a performance contract, Third failure could result in Academic Suspension, Academic Dismissal, or Academic Termination.

International Student Hold: (Must clear through International Student. Advisor)
For failing to maintain INS class load requirements.

Library Hold: (Must clear through Library )
For overdue books/unpaid fines.

Low GPA Hold: (See Respective UG or COC Dean’s Advisor)
Students whose Cumulative GPA is less than 2.0. All registration is held until grades for the quarter are processed and qualification for registration is verified.

Note:   Low GPA results in a performance contract, Not maintaining a qtrly GPA of 2.0 could result in Academic Suspension, Academic Dismissal, or Academic Termination.

PASS Advisor Hold: (See PASS Advisor/Student Advocacy)
Entering or end of 1st qtr UG or DC required advisement

Performance Contract Hold: (See COC Dean’s Advisor)
Unfulfilled admission or academic restriction contracts or incomplete admission documentation.

Registrar’s Hold:
Other special circumstances


Remember: You are responsible for your registration and your education. Register at your assigned time only.

Pre-Registration begins Monday of Week 8 and lasts for two weeks. To ensure you have the best registration experience we encourage you to register during your scheduled time. Please note: You will not be able to register before your designated time. If you try to register before your designated time you will receive an error message.

 DCP students should register for an assembly every quarter.

 Web registration times for COC & UG in good academic standing only. Please do not try and register before your assigned time.

Registration Times
You may register at the date and time designated for your DCP quarter classification (e.g., 8th quarter, etc.) and/or at the time assigned for UG, which is by number of credit hours.

Unresolved Financial Obligations
The Web-registration system will not allow students with unresolved financial obligations to register (See Accounting and/or Library Holds above).

If you have an outstanding balance you must contact the Student Accounting Office and resolve your financial obligation (including Library fines) before you will be allowed to register

Multiple Clinics
Double clinics are not available for interns until they have completely passed 12th quarter clinic, OSCE II. Requests are handled through the Executive Director of Level III Programs and the Dean of Clinics. Unapproved Multiple Clinics will be deleted for those in noncompliance.

 Multiple Assemblies
DC student who needs more than one assembly can be seen in the Student Advocacy Center if;

  • The student is in eleventh quarter or above or for students finding it necessary to “catch up” in order to graduate on time.
  • or see NBCE Preparation Assemblies above)
  • Otherwise must see COC Dean’s Advisor

Dual Degree Program
A student is eligible to enroll in two programs if they have been admitted to more than one program. After they register for their DCP classes, dual COC, CUS, and/or CGSR students must register with their respective UG or MS advisor for their remaining, other than DCP, classes.

Time Conflicts
You are not allowed to remain registered for courses which meet at conflicting times without the Dean’s Office written approval.

Change in Registration for Chiropractic Assemblies
Life University takes pride in the many speakers and invaluable information that students receive during assemblies. It has come to the University’s attention that some students forget to register for them or register for the wrong assembly and do not realize the error until the point where add/drop fees are assessed. Since assembly is a graduation requirement, we would like to keep this event positive as well as non-punitive. As a result, we have decided, effective immediately, to allow for “extended” registration for the following courses: CPAP 1104, CPAP 1207, CPAP 1308, CPAP 1500, CPAP 2109, and CPAP 3214. This means students who are capable of registering themselves via WebAdvisor will be able to register for the courses listed above beginning with pre-registration through the end of week 1of the quarter for which they are registered. From week 2- 9 you can register via the Student Advocacy (or the COC Dean’s Advisor). You will not be charged an add/drop fee for adding or dropping these courses during that time frame. For example, if you are enrolled in the DC program for Fall Quarter you may register for the appropriate assembly beginning eighth week of Spring Quarter and ending ninth week of Fall Quarter without incurring any add/drop fees. While this policy is intended to reduce the economic stresses of adding and dropping courses, we would remind and encourage you to register during the appropriate time frames to avoid unnecessary confusion. Those students who are not able to register themselves via WebAdvisor will have to complete the add/drop process at the Student Advocacy Center.

Independent Study
A student needing an independent study course can be seen by the Student Advocacy Center to qualify the UG student eligibility or COC Dean’s Advisor for DC eligibility, or has been accepted into the DCP “Research Tract” and the independent study is part of the Research Tract Plan and/or has written permission from their respective Dean’s Office.

Overload Registration
CGUS Students must go to their respective Dean’s Office and then come to the Student Advocacy Center, after their assigned pre-registration time if they will exceed the maximum hours for their primary program.

COC Students may come to the Student Advocacy Center first, if they are in “academic good standing” and cumulative GPA meet the current policy for Overload, otherwise the student must go to the COC Dean’s Advisor Office after their assigned pre-registration time.

The normal maximum load for students of good, academic standing is 26.50 credits (except for 4th qtr. which is 27.50 credits).

Students who wish to take more credits must have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students not in compliance will be removed from the excess hours and notified by email week 2.

Auditing Courses – Policy and Procedure
Students wishing to “audit” classes must come to the Student Advocacy Center. (Except All COC students who must see the designated advisor in the COC Dean’s Office)

Financial Aid monies are not available for audited classes nor can audited classes be used toward “Satisfactory Academic Progress” (SAP).

 Individuals wishing to audit classes at Life University may pre-register at any time. (Except COC students who must see the designated advisor in the Dean’s Office during preregistration) Paperwork is held and processed the 2nd Monday of each quarter. Auditing placement is based upon seating availability. Proper paper work obtained from the Student Advocacy Center must be filed before the quarter begins. Students should attend planned classes while waiting for the paperwork to be processed. Accepted students’ names should appear on the official class roster of the courses audited. The courses being audited should also appear on the student’s approved schedule of courses. Should seating be unavailable, the Student Advocacy Center will attempt to notify the student as soon as possible after the 2nd Tuesday.

No degree credit is granted for courses scheduled on an auditing basis, and students are not permitted to change to or from an auditing status except through the regular procedures for schedule change. The grade for auditing is AU (Audited). The grade of AU will have no effect upon the student’s grade point average, and students will not be permitted to have the audit grade changed at any future date.

 Full-time UG students may audit a course in addition to their 20-hour limit, and dual degree DC students may audit a course in addition to their 31 hours. Auditing is available to students, staff and faculty as well as interested persons from the general public. Students who audit an entire course will be charged $100.00 per course or students who audit portions of a course(s) will be charged $100.00, in units, per 30 course hours.

Students on academic restrictions are encouraged or may be required to make use of this opportunity. Priority will be given to regular students over an auditor for a filled class. Students who are auditing are not allowed to take tests.

The policies may be modified under the terms of a “performance contract” including registration priority and/or testing privileges and/or terms of requirement.

The WebAdvisor registration system should not permit students to pre-register for courses for which they lack prerequisites unless the student is currently enrolled in the prerequisite course(s). Students who later fail the prerequisite course(s) should adjust their schedules during the registration period or, at the very latest, during add/drop. Students who do not adjust their schedules to meet prerequisite requirements may be dropped from any course for which the prerequisite has not been met. This will be done around the 2nd week of classes, and you may be charged a fee of $25 per course.

If such action is taken, e-mail notices are sent to the student via blackboard immediately during the same week.

Life University’s recent technology upgrade for academic records will allow the College of Chiropractic to track students who are enrolled for courses without completing their required prerequisites. Prerequisites for courses will be strictly enforced to the extent that class roles will be checked during the quarter and any student who has not completed the prerequisites will be dropped from the course without warning and too late in the quarter to add another course. A decrease in credit hours caused by a drop in course load could change your Financial Aid status and result in unnecessary tuition expense.

Please check your prerequisites carefully!