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Welcome to LIFE’s professional education program that will support your clinic operations and your patient care.

Individuals with disabilities, who would like to attend this event, please contact The Postgrad office at (770) 426-2753 regarding any special accommodation needed at. It is requested that individuals requiring special accommodations notify Postgrad at least 14 business days in advance.

Based upon a vitalistic approach to health, LIFE views health care in the following manner:

Subluxation care

Condition-based care
Care that is provided to the patient for a specific health issue until that health issue is resolved or stabilized.

Corrective-based care
Care provided to the patient who either had no specific health issue at entrance or the health issue at entrance was resolved/stabilized by the condition-based care. The corrective care phase presumes that the patient has clinical findings consistent with subluxation or other health issue that is asymptomatic but requires correction, through the point of maximum possible correction.

Wellness development-based care
Care provided to the patient who has minimal or no consistent or persistent clinical findings. Care is provided for the purpose of reaching optimal performance within the aspects of Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Environmental and Spiritual wellbeing.

This vitalistic approach to health divides our continuing education offerings into chiropractic-related courses, and courses whose content is offered through degree programs throughout the University.