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Orientation Resources

New Student Orientation Guide

New Student Orientation Guide

Prep List

____    Have you completed all your paperwork with Enrollment? You can contact them to verify at 770.426.2884.
____    Have you talked with your PASS Advisor to set up an appointment? ou can contact the University Advisement Center at 770-426-2724. For more information on academic advising click here.
____    Have you talked with your Financial Aid Counselor? You can contact the Student Advocacy Center for assistance at 770.426.2667.
____    Do you need housing or roommate information? Please contact Student Affairs at 770.426.2701.

Things to Bring to Orientation

____    Writing utensil
____    Vehicle registration information
____    Driver’s license
____    Sweater or sweatshirt (you will be in air-conditioned buildings)
____    Sense of adventure and humor
____    Willingness to engage others (faculty, staff and other students)
____    Workout attire for your Experiential Learning Experience
____    Closed-toe shoes