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LU Cost of Attendance

Cost to Attend

Life University is a private institution and has the same tuition for all students per academic level, whether they have in-state or out-of-state residency. Tuition payment is due in full upon registration. Any charges such as tuition, housing, meal plans and/or student fees/fines are due by the second Sunday of each quarter. The due date can be seen in EagleNet under Student Accounts by term or in the Quarterly Announcements.

The following amounts are effective Summer 2024 through Spring 2025 quarter.

Tuition Per Credit Hour $301
Quarterly Student Fees $497
Tuition Per Year* $13,545 (average of 15 credits hours)
Tuition Per Standard Program Length** $54,180
Average Cost of Attendance per Quarter $9132 (15 credit hrs, quarterly fee, Eagle Unlimited Meal Plan, Commons Double Room)
Average Cost of Attendance per Academic year $27,396
Tuition Per Credit Hour $345
Quarterly Student Fees $497
Tuition Per Year* $9,315 (based on 9 credits hours per quarter)
Tuition Per Standard Program Length** $18,630
Tuition Per Credit Hour $413
Quarterly Student Fees $497
Tuition Per Year* $30,975 (based on 25 credits hours per quarter)
Tuition Per Standard Program Length** $141,246

*Tuition per year is based on a three-quarter academic year for both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs.

**Tuition per standard program length is based on four years (188 credit hours) needed for completion for most Undergraduate degree programs and two years (52 credit hours) needed for completion for most Graduate degree programs. Tuition per standard program length for the Doctor of Chiropractic program is  based on the number of credit hours needed to complete the degree (342 credit hours). Lengths of completion for all LU programs can vary, depending on a student’s course load per quarter/year.

Program Living
Books &
Transportation Personal Federal
DC $4,950 $5,793 $600 $1,800 $1,500 $525
UG $4,950 $5,793 $600 $1,800 $1,500 $45
GR $4,950 $5,793 $600 $1,800 $1,500 $400

*includes housing and food.


General Fees: All Students

Quarterly student fees $497.00

This includes, but is not limited to, information technology, ePrint, parking, campus shuttles, lab fees, graduation, orientation, fitness center, intramural and club activities.

Audit Class fee (per class) $100.00

Full-time UG students may audit a course in addition to their 20-hour limit, and dual degree D.C. students may audit a course in addition to their 31 hours. No degree credit is granted for courses scheduled on an auditing basis.


Students may be eligible to receive additional financial aid for certain circumstances. The Budget Increase Policy and Request form is for students wanting to request an increase to their cost of attendance for emergency expenses incurred out-of-pocket. Requests may include review for emergency health/dental care, psychological testing and disability accommodations, dependent care expenses, national chiropractic board exam costs and travel expenses, or a one-time computer purchase.


Life University offers on-campus living at LIFE’s Village Retreat and The Commons. ALL first-time freshmen are required to live on-campus for one academic year. Housing rates are charged per quarter. When applying for housing there is a deposit required to secure a room. Costs are outlined when applying.

The Commons

Single – $3,000
Double – $2,400

LIFE’s Village Retreat

Single – $3,700
Double – $2,700

For more information regarding on-campus living, contact Housing and Residence Life at or 770-419-5554.



ALL first-time freshmen and residents of The Commons are required to have the Eagle Unlimited meal plan. The meal plan is loaded onto your Eagle card, which is the official ID of Life University students, faculty and staff. There are meal plans available to students who are not required to purchase one. Meal plan swipes are “use them or lose them”.

Learn more about Life University meal plans: Meal Plans


eBucks is a declining balance money account, funds are loaded by Card Services, in conjunction with your meal plan. eBucks start at the beginning of the quarter and any unused amounts roll from quarter to quarter until the end of the Spring quarter (June). You can use your eBucks for payment at, Life U Brew, Commons Dining Hall and the LIFE U Shop.

The Eagle Card is more than just an ID card – it provides access to a variety of essential functions, such as secure entry to residence halls and rooms, library and Wellness Center. It is also used as payment for meal plans, eBucks, flexBucks and printing services (ePrint).

ePrint funds are loaded quarterly for printing/copying at designated campus printers. Current students receive a University printing credit of $7.50 each quarter, and the funds are non-refundable, non-transferable, and can only be used for printing on campus.

flexBucks are Eagle Card funds you load yourself using a credit or debit card. The benefit of using flexBucks is that you buy at a 10% added value rate (i.e. you buy $100 of flexBucks and $110 is loaded on your card). flexBucks can be used at all campus eateries.

QUESTIONS: For more detailed information on meal plans, visit or contact Eagle Card Services at or 770-426-2638.

Additional Costs

Other costs to keep in mind: Books, Supplies, Gas, Food, Insurance, NBCE Boards (D.C. students) and other fees/fines.

Other costs vary per student and situation:

  1. Enrollment Fee: $125 DC, UG, GR
  2. Drop Fee $25 per course
  3. Clinic Re-Entry Fee: $30
  4. Library/Parking/Graduation fines
  5. Replacement Student ID: $25
  6. Dis-enrollment Fee 25% of balance
  7. Housing License Breakage Fine

Additional Resources

Did you Know? LIFE U accepts these additional resources to help pay for your degree:

  • VA Education Benefits:
    • Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 GI Bill®
    • Chapter 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill
    • Chapter 1606 – Reservist GI Bill
    • Chapter 35 – DEA
  • 529 College Plans
  • Outside Scholarships
  • State Pre-Paid Plans
  • State Voc Rehab

Life University is a Yellow Ribbon Participant!  VA and LU will match their contributions for a total amount of:

  • DC: $10,000
  • Graduate: $8,000
  • Undergraduate: $6,000

Yellow Ribbon can be used once you reach the maximum yearly cap for tuition and fees for qualifying post-9/11 recipients.

How to Pay LU

Sign up for the LU Payment Plan or pay your tuition, housing, meal plans and fees using credit, debit, electronic checks and international payments through  .

Life University offers a convenient online payment plan to pay your tuition, housing, meal plans, and fees over time, making college more affordable. Payments are spread over three months of the quarter. Sign up is convenient, secure and affordable. A non-refundable setup fee per quarter is $25 due upon enrollment. Student account balance must be at least $500 to be eligible per plan. The last day to enroll is the Friday of the first week of each quarter. Sign up online through EagleNet.


To calculate your potential cost of attendance as an undergraduate, click here for our Net Price Calculator.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Financial Aid Links