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Bachelor Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

LIFE’s business majors first gain a solid foundation in the overarching principles of management and socially responsible business philosophy. They then specialize in one area with additional coursework and potential internships, independent study and special projects. In terms of attracting faculty with impressive business experience, landing an internship with a top company, finding meaningful part-time work and searching for that first job, Atlanta offers significant benefits.

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate Accountant/Controller
  • Compliance Officer
  • Banker
  • Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resources Manager

Degree Requirements

Students receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree must complete a minimum total of 185 credit hours of instruction.

Core Curriculum Offerings
Area A Humanities 20 hours
Area B Sciences, Mathematics & Computers 25 hours
Area C Social Sciences 20 hours

Sub-total: 65 credit hours

Business Administration Degree Offerings
Area A Business Administration Requirements 65 hours
Area B Management Requirements 20 hours
Area C Management Electives 30 hours
Area D General Electives 5 hours

Sub-total: 120 credit hours