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Shahla Abghari, Ph.D.





B.S., Biology- Teachers University, Tehran, Iran

B.A., Financial and Administrative Affair- University of
Tehran, Tehran, Iran
M.S., Natural Science with concentration on Microbiology- Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee
Doctorate of Philosophy, Ph.D., Microbiology with concentration on Virology, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi
Postdoctoral training, Virology, and Immunology- Emory University School of Medicine
Postgraduate Studies, Immunology, Molecular Genetics, Recombinant DNA and DNA Sequence Analysis- Emory University School of Medicine


Shahla Z. Abghari is the Director of Microbiology Laboratories, a full professor of Microbiology and a knowledgeable teacher at Life University. Her specialty is in Virology, and she performed extensive research on ocular herpes simplex viral infections. She published a chapter of a book and about 15 articles that are all published in peer review journals. She previously developed Virology labs at Emory University and CytRx Company. She has been managing all Microbiology labs at Life University for the past 20 years. She is also involved in question writing for the Chiropractic National Board for several years.

Dr. Abghari is a passionate teacher and not only tries her best to enhance the knowledge of her students, but she also helps her community members to learn about infectious diseases and how to prevent them.