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Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

The Environment and Sustainability program is based in an awareness that addressing the 21st century’s pressing social and environmental problems requires a holistic, systems approach that considers the complex relationships between humans and their social, technological and ecological environments. This innovative, interdisciplinary degree program draws together the environmental, natural and social sciences; sustainability and resilience planning and politics; and extensive hands-on experience and professional preparation via internships, research design and implementation, sustainability problem solving, student research, experiential and service learning, community engagement, and leadership development. Committed to social change and the need for positive, proactive transformation of human-ecological relations, from beginning to end the Environment and Sustainability program is designed to equip students with the skills they need to become thinkers and practitioners capable of reimagining and reinventing human- environment relations in the age of climate change.


"Mi piace stare con persone che la pensano come me e che hanno a cuore la natura e uno stile di vita più sostenibile".

Kaitlyn Ivey, B.A. Human Ecology (Environment and Sustainability) student

B.A. Environment and Sustainability

“Environment and Sustainability is the study of the relationship between people and their environments. It’s about learning to understand the world through a complex systems lens and to design solutions to the problems that we face in the world now through that lens. Environment and Sustainability students in our program study the different ways around that world, throughout different points in time people have adapted their environments and created whole worlds out of that.” -Dr. Stephanie Wakefield

Cosa imparerete

#1 – This program is designed to train all majors in the core perspectives and methods of Environment and Sustainability while giving students the freedom to select their own area of focus, from environmental policy and planning, climate adaptation, and food systems sustainability to urban resilience and the ecology of health and wellness.

#2 - Incorpora una significativa esperienza pratica e professionale per preparare gli studenti a raggiungere i loro obiettivi accademici e professionali dopo la laurea.

#3 - Progettato per preparare gli studenti a ricoprire posizioni in un'ampia gamma di professioni in cui la sostenibilità, la gestione ambientale, il pensiero e la progettazione di sistemi socio-ecologici giocano un ruolo importante.

#4 - Fornisce agli studenti le competenze necessarie per essere leader nel XXI secolo. I laureati sono agenti di cambiamento positivo, in grado di comunicare e analizzare questioni complesse, come il riscaldamento globale, al di là dei confini disciplinari tradizionali. Sono in grado di trovare soluzioni pratiche e trasformative alle nostre pressanti sfide sociali e ambientali.

Progettazione del programma

Through small classes and hands-on research, as well as services and professional experience, Life U’s B.A. in Environment and Sustainability provides you with an understanding of the diverse ways people relate to their environments; the webs of politics, power and ecology that shape contemporary systems; and the latest sustainability, resilience and adaptation approaches for the age of climate change. With a focus on engaged and active learning, which includes team activities, one-on-one interaction with faculty mentors and hands-on experience both on and off campus.

For more information on degree specifics, requirements and curriculum offerings, please see the Catalogo accademico.

Opportunità di carriera

  • Scienziato ambientale, specializzato in salute
  • Pianificatore di restauro ambientale
  • Ecologista industriale
  • Specialista risorse idriche
  • Responsabile conformità
  • Responsabile affari normativi
  • Analista climatico

Environment and Sustainability CAREER

A Living Life at Life U Intervista in podcast con la dott.ssa Stephanie Wakefield

Environment and Sustainability DEGREE

Life U Accademico