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Vehicles are subject to tow at any time if the Campus Safety officer deems it necessary to maintain the safety of the efficient traffic flow of Life University persons or property. Vehicles may also be towed following the 3rd violation of the parking policies.

Once the wrecker service is called, the owner/driver of the vehicle is responsible for any and all charges related to the towing. Neither Life University nor the Campus Safety Department are responsible for damage to, or loss of, property as the result of towing. An incident report is completed on all vehicle tows to document the tow, condition and location of the vehicle.

Vehicles may be towed for any of the following reasons:

  • Parking and decal violations
  • Having three or more tickets
  • Parked in a reserved space
  • Blocking roads, loading docks, dumpsters or driveways
  • Parking in clinic patient spaces, visitors spaces or handicap spaces
  • Parking on grass or flowerbeds
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • When it is determined that a vehicle or property poses a safety hazard and the immediate removal of the vehicle is necessary for campus safety reasons

NOTE: It is a violation of the parking rules to leave a vehicle in a University parking lot overnight (with the exception of Village and Commons residents). Students or employees needing to leave a vehicle in a parking lot for an extended specified time frame must obtain an identification pass prior to leaving the vehicle, and the pass must be displayed on the dashboard.