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Graduation Information


Commencement marks the culmination of years of study and preparation that have gone into Life University student’s degrees.  The presence of family and friends signifies the support, love, and belief in these students that helped to make their graduation possible.


Future Dates for Awards Convocation Banquet and Graduation

Winter Spring Summer Fall
March June September December
2018 Mar. 22-23 Jun. 14-15 Sept. 20-21 Dec. 13-14
2019 Mar. 21-22 Jun. 13-14 Sept. 26-27 Dec. 19-20
2020 Mar. 26-27 Jun. 18-19 Sept. 24-25 Dec. 17-18
2021 Mar. 25-26 Jun. 17-18 Sept. 23-24 Dec. 16-17
 2022 Mar. 24-25 Jun. 16-17  Sept. 22-23  Dec. 15-16


Information for Students

Information for Guests & Visitors




A photographer from Village Photographers will be taking a candid photograph of all graduates during a special moment of recognition. One or two more photos will be taken during the ceremony in addition to the candid handshake photograph. Graduates will receive a free proof of this photo via e-mail and in the mail 5 to 7 days following the ceremony. Graduates and guests may place orders or obtain answers to questions at or (334)821-9196.


In case of inclement weather during the ceremony, directions will be given from the podium. In case of inclement weather prior to the day of the ceremony (i.e. snow, ice, etc.) please tune into local news outlets for closings or delayed start times. You may also call the Life University Weather Hotline at (770) 426-2815.