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Contribute to LIFE Research

Contribute to LIFE Research

Students at Life University are actively engaged in the research process. Funding is needed to support student research programs such as scholarships, stipends, advanced training and travel awards.

As a teaching institution, Life University strives to provide advanced technologies and educational techniques that can deliver the highest level chiropractors and human performance experts. From innovative education tools, such as technique skill mannequins, to active learning strategies, delivery of a superior educational product requires additional financial support for development and research.

Transformational leadership is needed in the healthcare industry, and one way Life University is working to fill that gap is through research. Funding for research infrastructure and advancement is needed in order to continue to bring the best researchers and biostatisticians to Life University and to advance collaborations with leading institutions, all dedicated to supporting the unique healthcare vision championed by Life University.

It is not enough to simply do research; connections and sharing of information must be made with the chiropractic and human performance community. Foundational resources are needed to support Life University’s “Research Link” program. This initiative provides an avenue for field practitioners to read and hear about research that can impact day-to-day patient care, become involved and participate in the research process and attend such venues as a Research Cooloquium during Life University’s Fall CE Event. This program is designed to reconnect the research being done with the individual it was designed to serve.

For more information about contributing to Life University Research and the Research Capital Campaign, please contact the Life University Development Office at 770.426.2831.