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Food4LIFE Procedures


The mission of Life University’s Food4LIFE (F4L) food pantry is to provide a discreet emergency or short-term resource for LIFE community members who are experiencing food insufficiency.


LIFE community members are allowed to utilize the Food Pantry as needed and are asked to limit the amount of food that they take per visit to what can be reasonably carried. Please note that food must be weighed before it can leave the pantry (see Inventory).
Those with needs that exceed this limit should email so that they can be directed to other campus and community resources that may be able to provide support.

Unauthorized Entry

Entry into or use of the F4L Pantry without authorized approval is strictly prohibited. This also includes, but not limited to the unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of college keys and/or credentials.


Food is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. All supplies are based upon donations, so the pantry inventory may vary from month to month. To suggest items for the Food4Life Pantry, please email

Pantry personnel are required to weigh all food that goes in and out of the pantry for recordkeeping purposes. This includes donations, purchases, and food received by members of the LIFE community.

Gift Cards

Gift cards to area grocery stores are available to LIFE Community members. This resource is intended to be used in emergency situations to provide supplementary nutrition not available in the pantry.
LIFE community members are allowed to receive a total of $40 in gift cards per quarter.

Those with needs that exceed this limit should email so that they can be directed to other campus and community resources that may be able to provide support.

Food Items We Accept

  • Canned items such as vegetables, fruits, beans, chicken, tuna, salmon and instant meals
  • Boxed items such as pastas, cereals, instant meals, stuffing, potatoes and macaroni & cheese
  • Bottled items such as peanut butter, jelly, salad dressing and sauces
  • Commercially prepared frozen meals by appointment

Food Items We Do Not Accept

  • Opened boxes, cans or bags of any kind
  • Any food item which is approaching or has passed its expiration date
  • Frozen foods without a previously arranged appointment

Monetary Donations

Those who wish to make a monetary contribution in support of Food4LIFE may do so online using the secure donation form found here. They may also contact the LIFE University Development Office via phone (770-426-2832) or email (

Right to Refuse Service

F4L Pantry personnel reserve the right to refuse service to LIFE community members who are abusive or threatening to pantry personnel, volunteers and/or other community members. Concerns regarding student conduct will be referred to the Director of Conflict Resolution and Accountability.


The Food4LIFE pantry is in the library inside the Learning Resources Center building.


The F4L Pantry hours of operation will vary each semester based on library hours of operation and staff availability. Please check the Library’s hours here.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Food4LIFE complies with Life University’s non-discrimination policy which can be found here. Inquiries regarding Life’s non-discrimination policy may be directed to the Director of Conflict Resolution and Accountability at 770-426-2700.


Individuals must be current LIFE University students, faculty, or staff to volunteer. All volunteers must strive for the highest ethical, professional, and courteous standards always. Please email for more information about volunteer opportunities.