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Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification

Life University authorizes the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for verification of student enrollment status.

To conveniently serve Life University students around the clock, the Clearinghouse is accessible for you to obtain an official Enrollment Verification Certificate at any time here.

Your Enrollment Verification Certificate can be presented to the following:

  • Housing Providers/Authorities (if you are applying to rent property)
  • Scholarship Providers (if you are seeking or have been awarded a scholarship)
  • Consumer Product Companies (if you have applied for a student discount on products)
  • Banks (if you are seeking student discounted bank services)
  • Credit Issuers (if you have applied for a student card or other products)
  • Travel Companies (if you have applied for discounted student travel)

To get an Enrollment Verification Certificate:

  • Click the “Verify Now” Button
  • Select the type of verification you are requesting, and follow the steps to complete your request.  There are associated fees with each type of request.
  • Print your Enrollment Verification Certificate

Students may also refer any agencies like those listed above to the Clearinghouse website.  They may also email the clearinghouse at or call 703.742.4200 to verify their enrollment.