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Student Accounts

Student Accounts

We provide accounts receivable services for students at Life University by ensuring accurate billing for tuition, housing, meal plans, fees and refunds. We are here to answer questions about your student account.

Financial Aid Links

Life University is proud to utilize EagleNet  – a self-service tool to manage your student experience at LIFE!


Tuition payment is due in full upon registration. Any charges such as tuition, housing, meal plans and/or student fees/fines are due by the second Sunday of each quarter. The due date can be seen in your EagleNet, under Student Accounts by term, or in the Quarterly Announcements.

Payment for tuition and fees can be accomplished in any of the following ways:

  • Financial Aid (loans, grants and internal/external scholarships)
    • If awarded financial aid falls short of total charges for the quarter, the student is responsible to pay the difference.
  • Debit/Credit Cards and electronic checks via EagleNet
  • Third Party payments
  • LU Payment Plan

In EagleNet under “Student Accounts,” you can view your most recent up-to-date account activity, make payments, store payment methods, get your billing statement and select parents as authorized users. Life University offers a convenient online payment plan to pay your tuition, housing, meal plans and fees.

 Follow these simple steps to pay your LU Charges online:

  • Log in to EagleNet
  • Click “Student Accounts.”
  • Click “Make a Payment – Domestic”
  • Click “Make a Payment – International (For INTL students only)”

To review all LU costs, click LU Cost of Attendance, And click here to view a valuable resource detailing the 2022-2023 educational costs to attend and funding opportunities.

Preferred payment method for international students:

Life University has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple, and cost effective.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition:

How to make a payment – step-by-step PDFs:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi
  • Farsi
  • Turkish
  • German / Bernese German
  • Swedish
  • Dutch

PayMyTuition customer support information
Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at or through their support page.
No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.

Life University Payment Plan

Life University offers a convenient online payment plan to pay your tuition, housing, meal plans and fees over time, making college more affordable. Enroll in a monthly payment plan each quarter. There is no interest, flexible payment options, affordable set up fees and it’s easy to enroll.

Payment Plan Brochure

Life U Payment Plan

  • Payments post immediately to your student account.
  • If financial aid pays your balance after you sign up for the payment plan it will automatically update your payment plan.
  • If your charges change after you sign up for the payment plan, it will automatically update your payment plan.
  • Payments are spread over three months of the quarter.
  • The last day to enroll is always Friday of Week 1.
  • Student account balance must be at least $500 per plan to be eligible.
  • Review the payment plan brochure for specific dates by quarter

Don’t delay, sign up early! $25 Setup Fee.
Simple Steps to Enroll

  • Go to:
  • Click on “Student Accounts.”
  • Click on “LU Payment Plan.”
  • Click “Enroll in Payment Plan.”

Questions: or 770-426-2700


Life University reserves the right, at any time during the quarter, to disenroll any student from classes for failure to pay tuition, housing, meal plans and fees/fines. A Student Account hold will be placed on the record of any student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the University. The student will not be permitted to register for further course work or receive (or have forwarded to external third parties) any transcripts until the obligation is settled.

Failure to pay all charges due on a student’s account will restrict their ability to register for future quarters, receive (order/send) official transcripts and diplomas or be graduated.

If charges on your student account are not made, the student will be disenrolled. This will result in the student not being eligible to continue to participate in classes, Work-Study jobs, use meal plans, remain in housing and/or the clinic/OSCE in the disenrolled quarter. Also, the student will be assessed a 25% disenrollment charge based upon the remaining unpaid charges incurred in the disenrolled quarter.


Life University requires all students to set up direct deposit from their checking account. All financial aid living expense monies (financial aid that exceeds coverage of tuition and fees) are processed weekly. These living expense monies will be deposited directly into your bank account within 48 hours of processing.

The Student Accounts Department has implemented an easier way for students to manage their bank account information to receive direct deposits from Life University. Our electronic process is easy as 1-2-3. You can now add, delete or make changes to your bank account information online. Students will be responsible for managing all bank account information via Eaglenet.

New students, don’t delay! Please enter your bank account information to receive your direct deposit in a timely manner.


Life University offers tuition assistance to eligible international students. The international student *discount may vary depending on term and student’s geographic region of citizenship. This is provided to international students to assist them with the exchange rates and their ineligibility for U.S. Federal student aid. To receive this assistance, international students must:

  1. Be on a non-resident student VISA (ineligible for U.S. student aid)
  2. Have a zero student account balance
  3. Be enrolled full time at Life University (unless previously approved by Life University’s *PDSO or *DSO)
  4. Undergraduate: 12 credit hours or more of Undergraduate classes
  5. Graduate: nine credit hours or more of graduate classes
  6. Doctor of Chiropractic: 12 credit hours or more of D.C. classes
  7. Maintain the following minimum cumulative grade point average
    • Undergraduate: 2.0
    • Master’s: 3.0
    • Chiropractic: 2.0

*International discount 20%.
*North American discount 30% subject to change each fiscal year.
*(PDSO) Primary Designated School Official, (DSO) Designated School Official.


All scholarships are reviewed the 2nd Monday (week 2) of each Quarter after drop add to ensure any changes to student schedules are taken into consideration.

During this week, living expense disbursements are processed on Wednesday and Friday. If any refunds are due to you, it will be processed at that time. These living expense monies will be deposited directly into your bank account within 48 hours of processing.

To apply for a Life University scholarship, please complete the application and submit through the Scholarship Portal by the deadline listed. Some scholarships are non-renewable. For additional scholarship information please visit the Financial Aid Department or click here.


To establish a billing contract with any third-party company or organization for payment of student tuition and fees, Life University requires the following:

  • A letter or voucher on company/organization letterhead, including the original signature of an official authorized to obligate payment by the company/organization to Life University. This letter should be addressed to: Student Accounts Office, 1250 Life’s Way, Building 800, Marietta, Georgia 30060.
  • An itemized list of the type(s) of fees and charges for which the company will be responsible (i.e. tuition and fees). Student Accounts cannot invoice to books and supplies.
  • An indication of the time period (i.e. Fall Quarter 2021) during which the company/organization will sponsor the student. The voucher will only be valid for that time period unless otherwise noted.
  • The student’s full name and social security number.
  • The name, billing address and telephone number of the contact person.

A detailed invoice will be mailed to the third-party billing address approximately three to four weeks after classes begin. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice and cannot be contingent upon grades or completion of courses. If payment is not received from the third-party within 30 days of the due date, the student will be responsible for payment.


If you withdraw from Life University and are receiving federal or state financial aid, you may be required to repay some of the unearned financial aid based upon the return of Title IV funds calculation. You will receive a letter and an email notification of any balance remaining on your student account.

If payment is not made within 30 days after non-attendance, your account will be turned over to a collection agency. Students will also be liable for all applicable collection agency fees and attorney fees necessary for the collection of unpaid balances.

If you plan to re-enroll at Life University, your balance must be paid in full before registering for classes.


Life University is required to issue a 1098-T form to any student that was enrolled and had qualified expenses billed during the previous calendar year, and has a valid social security number or tax identification number on file. 1098-T forms will be sent via U.S. Mail no later than January 31st to students who did not consent to receive their 1098T electronically in EagleNet. Student can view their 1098-T form in EagleNet, under Tax Information.

Emergency Loans

Life University’s emergency loans are available to help students through unexpected financial crises, such as serious illness, job loss, family loss, and loss of home.

The minimum loan amount is $250 with a maximum up to $1,500 per fiscal year. Emergency loans are interest free and do not require a credit check. Loan requests require proof of the emergency and approval is at the discretion of the Director of Student Accounts.


  1. Loan applicants must be a full-time student in good standing with the University and meeting SAP. Students cannot have a hold on their student account, excluding athletic and international holds.
  2. Loan applicants must not have any outstanding debt due to a previous loan from Life University
  3. Loan applicants must demonstrate financial need of an emergent nature.
  4. Employees taking courses at Life University are ineligible for this loan.


  • Complete and submit an Emergency Loan Fund application form, found here, and through the Student Accounts Office
  • Applicants must fill out the application form completely and accurately and submit it with supporting documentation
  • The student is required to indicate on the application their proposed repayment plan.

Loan decisions will be made within 3 business days of receiving completed loan application. Applicants will be notified via life university email.

The student must sign a promissory note. Funds from the loan will be directly deposited into the student’s account. All Life U students are required to have updated banking information in EagleNet.

Please note: There are times when it may take longer.

Supporting Documents

Based on the students’ circumstances they may be required to submit some of the listed forms or documents to support their need for assistance.

  • Proof of immediate family member-Birth certificate, marriage license, adoption certificate, legal guardianship paperwork
  • Estimate of travel expenses-Receipts/print out from website of flight expenses and/or hotel expenses
  • Proof of death of immediate family member- Death certificate, obituary, estimate from funeral home
  • Proof or medical or dental emergency-Billing statement from medical office, Urgent Care, Hospital, signed letter from Physician/Dental office on letterhead
  • Loss of living environment and/or belongings due to fire or natural disaster -Repair estimate from insurance agency, copy of claim, Repair estimate from service repair company.
  • Theft, accident, or unexpected loss of funds or property -Police report, copy of insurance claim, estimate from service repair company.
  • Legal expenses -Estimate from law firm, copy of bail bonds, copy of court costs
  • Job loss of student or immediate family member- History of payments from benefactor, pre-dated email or text stating they would pay the tuition and a letter of separation, bank statements/financial documentation that validates the students’ immediate financial need, letter of separation
  • Automobile repairs that would be necessary for function due to an accident -Police report of the accident, estimate from the repair shop for mechanical damages.
  • At risk of eviction or foreclosure- Past due eviction notification letter, Foreclosure letter.
  • At risk for utility shut off (gas, electric, water bills) – Billing statement with past-due notification, termination of service letters


Loans must be repaid in full within 90 days of issuance.

The student will be contacted via email and/or phone for payment reminder. If the loan is not paid within 90 days, the loan amount will become a current charge and will appear on the student’s account.

Past Due Loans

Student borrowers who do not repay loans according to schedule shall be responsible for the payment of any costs associated with the collection of the loan, including collection, and attorneys’ fees. Nonpayment or partial payment of the loan will result in an account balance hold. Student borrowers with holds will not be allowed to register, receive a transcript, nor graduate.


Ti Jolly
Director, Student Accounts
P: 770-426-2759

LaQuasia Cherry-Mack
Senior Student Accounts Coordinator
P: 678-331-4457

Keagan Devereaux
Student Accounts Specialist
P: 770-426-2889

Victoria Beeston
Collections Coordinator
P: 678-331-4474


Contact Information

Life University
1250 Life’s Way
Building 800
Marietta, GA 30060

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

P: 770.426.2700
F: 770.426.2926


Please make sure your forms are complete and signed. Failure to complete and/or sign will delay processing.