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Dean of Students AVP

Welcome from
Student Affairs

It is my great honor and pleasure to serve as the Interim Dean of Students. As the Dean of Students, I get to lead an amazing team of professionals who are here to help you navigate your college experience. Whether this is your first time at a university, you are continuing your education, or returning after some time, we want to provide you with all the necessary tools for you to find success here at Life University.

If you ever get stuck or don’t know where to go, we are here to help you. Our services range from assistance with clothes and food to leadership and involvement opportunities through student organizations, intramurals, and activities. Counseling services are available and learning accommodations can be obtained through disability services.

Through collaborations with enrollment, athletics, academic colleges, and academic support units we strive to create a seamless experience from admission to graduation. This time is exciting, fun, and can be overwhelming; however, your time at Life University should never be frustrating, scary, or negative. We, in Student Affairs, are here to advocate for students and teach self-efficacy, so you can advocate for yourselves, when appropriate.

At Life University, we stand on Lasting Purpose, which is our duty to give, to do, to love, to serve, out of our own abundance. These are the pillars that Student Affairs functions uphold and you will see those through all that we do in service to our students. We are student first, student centered, student oriented… we are Student Affairs.

If we can ever be of assistance, please contact us at

I am so glad that you are here, and I look forward to working with each of you!

Dr. Ron Lunk
Interim Dean of Students

Life U CAREs
Connect, Advocate, Resources, Empower, Support

Dr. Lisa Rubin
CARE Case Manager

At Life University we are a supportive small community that wants to make sure our students have the resources they need to help them through their academic and extracurricular journey at Life.

Reach out so we can help. CARE is a user-friendly resource that you can email ( ) and make a request or share a concern that goes to our Interim Dean of Students, Dr. Ron Lunk. We will connect you to a CARE member who will typically make contact by email, so you can meet and help learn about the many resources and support services on and off campus.

If you are or know of a student of concern who needs help or support, click here and fill out the form so a member of the Life U community can reach out.

Take advantage of Life U CARES and be part of caring for yourself and your fellow classmates.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit CARE Form

Student Behavioral Assessment Team

The purpose of the Student Behavioral Assessment Team (SBAT) is to proactively identify student behaviors of concern in order to provide a coordinated and planned approach to preventing, assessing, managing and resolving interpersonal and behavioral concerns and threats to the Life University community.

SBAT makes recommendations for treatment, disciplinary action and/or other responses to the Vice President of Student Affairs and other campus officials as appropriate, with the ultimate goal of promoting student health, safety and success within a thriving educational environment.


  • Provide a safe, physical environment for members of the LIFE community.
  • Provide a safe, emotional environment for members of the LIFE community.
  • Promote peace of mind for friends and family of the LIFE community.
  • Balance the individual needs of the student and those of the greater LIFE community.
  • Provide a structured, positive method of addressing student behaviors of concern which impact the LIFE community, including mental health and/or issues of physical and emotional safety.
  • Manage each case individually, discreetly and effectively.
  • Initiate appropriate intervention in an effort to overt the need for punitive measures.
  • Facilitate a coordinated response for students within and across relevant departments, as appropriate.
  • Balance the educational, physical and emotional needs of the student and the academic and philosophic missions of Life University.
  • Serve as a resource for students, faculty and staff regarding issues and needs pertaining to student behavior.

The SBAT Committee includes membership from across several campus constituent groups and is overseen by the AVP/Dean of Students.

Members include:
AVP/Dean of Students
CARE Case Manager
Director of Conflict Resolution and Accountability
Director of Counseling Services and Student Belonging
Campus Safety/Police
Academic Dean Representatives or designee

Submit SBAT Form