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Meal Plans

Life University Meal Plans


Commuter Meal Plans

Life University offers commuter meal plans to all students that would like to enjoy the convenience of a meal plan for on-campus dining. Below, you will find all commuter meal plan options available.

Plan Swipes eBucks Total Cost
Pay-Unlimited Unlimited $50.00 $1,668.00
Pay-120 120 $350.00 $1,250.00
Pay-90 90 $250.00 $895.00
Pay-Roadee 11 $460.00 $540.00
Pay-Traveler 8 $240.00 $300.00
Pay-Express 5 $120.00 $160.00


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Residential Meal Plans

Life University requires that students that reside in the Commons have a meal plan. The required meal plan is Eagle Unlimited. See below to learn more about what this meal plan offers.

Meal plan swipes are “use them or lose them” but eBucks rollover until the end of fiscal year or until June 30th.

Plan Swipes eBucks Total Cost
Commons120 (Default) 120 $350.00 $1,250.00
Eagle Unlimited Unlimited $50.00 $1,720.00

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Faculty and Staff Meal Plan

Faculty and Staff are welcome to enjoy meals without leaving campus. To purchase a meal plan, please visit Purchase Meal Plan


Plan Swipes eBucks Total Cost
Pay-Express 5 $120.00 $170.00
Pay-Traveler 8 $240.00 $315.00
Pay-Roadee 11 $460.00 $570.00


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Check your Meal Plan Balance and Deposit flexBucks


What is flexBucks?
flexBucks is an optional campus cash account of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for products and services on campus. The University adds a matching 10% in funds as incentive to use flexBucks (i.e., you deposit $100 and a total of $110 is loaded to account.

How do I make a deposit?

  1. Go to the Transact account home page
  2. Below the sign in click (Make flexBucks Deposit for Someone Else)
  3. Complete First Name, Last Name and Student ID
  4. Click Contribute (minimum amount $10)
  5. Enter Amount and Credit Card Information
  6. Click Submit

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Meal Plan Refund Policy

All purchased meal plans are non-refundable after the Friday of Week 2 every quarter. Swipes and eBucks are non-refundable. If you do not use your swipes by the end of the quarter, you will lose them. eBucks transfer from quarter to quarter until the end of fiscal school year (June 3oth). If you have any questions regarding a purchased meal plan, please contact Card Services at