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Life News

Lasting Purpose Spotlight

On August 15, Integrity Doctors Club hosted, along with the Sid and Nell Williams Library, a campus-wide Wave Away Hunger event to support our own campus food bank, Food4LIFE. The event was held in the lobby of the Drs. Sid E. & Nell K. Williams Library, and the hosts accepted a bounty of nonperishable food items, as well as financial donations (and donors received Integrity Doctors ‘Born to Serve’ T-shirts).

As a result of the event, students and staff were able to deliver a wagon load of food to the pantry and raised $100 in donations. When purchasing Kroger grocery cards with the donated money, Integrity Doctors Club president Renee Robinson shared the club’s efforts with the store manager, who contributed an additional $25 Kroger gift card. The good continued to ripple and amplified into the addition of our food bank to the Kroger No Waste program. The Integrity Doctors Club picked up our first donations from them last week. Their efforts will continue to amplify as food is collected from Kroger weekly.

Integrity Doctors Club and Food4LIFE still need your help. Continue to donate in the Library by placing food and grocery supplies on the cart. Let’s keep our campus food bank well stocked and ready to serve. Please email for a list of needed items (and to prevent overstocking of some items). And, if you or a student you know needs food or groceries, be sure to request help at

Best of all, even though Renee’s tenure as president of Integrity Doctors Club has just ended, new president Tiffany Smart intends to continue the ripple of good by focusing the club’s service efforts on Food4LIFE.

You can catch up with the Integrity Doctors Club on the Mondays of Assembly, Weeks 2, 4 and 7 each quarter. Feel free to follow Integrity Doctors Club on Engage to keep up with their meetings and activities.