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Wellness Portfolio

Life University’s
Wellness Portfolio

Introducing the Wellness Portfolio: A Path to Total Well-being

In today’s healthcare landscape, health and wellness go hand in hand. However, at Life University, we believe that wellness is not just a state of being, but a lifelong journey. It’s about finding balance and coherence in all aspects of our lives, beyond just being free from aches and pains or disease conditions. In fact, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition supports this saying that health is “the total mental, physical and spiritual well-being of an individual, not merely the abscesses of disease and infirmity.”

Our philosophy at Life U is to approach wellness holistically, recognizing that it involves multiple dimensions of one’s life. We understand that achieving and maintaining wellness is a challenging task, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

Unlike others, we take a unique perspective on wellness through Salutogenesis. This approach focuses on the factors that contribute to overall well-being, rather than solely focusing on the factors that cause disease. It’s about creating and maintaining good health for the long-term.

At Life U, we are dedicated to empowering our students, staff and community to achieve greater well-being. Through our Wellness Portfolio, we offer a range of programs and clinical services that embody this approach. Each discipline brings a unique lens to the pursuit of well-being, providing the tools needed to thrive.

Join us on the path to total well-being with the Wellness Portfolio at Life U. Discover the power of holistic wellness and embrace a brighter future.