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Life News

Student Leadership Awards Night Recap

The student experience goes way beyond the classroom. Recognizing well-balanced students are infinitely more prepared for life after LIFE, Life University offers opportunities for students to express themselves, build transferable skills and develop new relationships both on-campus and in the community. The student experience starts with our student leaders and student organizations. Our campus would not be as great as it is without the energy, creativity and passion of our outstanding students. The Office of Student Affairs is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Student Leadership Awards, as well as all nominees. View the pictures from the photo booth HERE. 

The student leaders and the student organizations here at Life University have contributed enormously to overall student experience at Life University. This is our way to say, “Thanks for all you do for Life University.” On behalf of Student Affairs, the Events & Awards Committees and all of our award presenters, we would like to sincerely thank you.

Individual Nominees: 

Aaron Vinson                                Kain Queck                            Wasma Alkhaldi

Alexandria (Spiff) Sedrick            Kalen Banks                           Wessly Soronellas

Amber Jackson                              Kandace Howey                    Zachary Street

Ariana Reyes                                  Katelynn Harbeke

Brian Muntanga                            Kimberly Smith-Howard

Carolina Hurtado Hoyos              Kynan Tarnowski

Crystal Calderon                           Madison Champagne

Damaris Hunger                            Maggie Rodgers

Deilyn Solano Bonilla                  Makenzie Schouten

Delvonte Felder                             Marcus & Summer Perez

Dustin Peper                                  Marcus Hummel

Eli Pascoe                                       Marilyn De Freitas

Hannah King                                 Martin Cortes

Harley Wheeler                             Ryan Pruitt

Isabella Dagher                             Samenna White

Javier Del Hoyo                             Shanta Motamed

Jennifer Baugh                               Sophies Hose

Joan Dungey                                  Spencer Surmont

Johnny Reuter                               Tendai Rioga 

Organization Nominees:

Campus Activities Board

Kairos Training Club

Motion Palpation Club

Multicultural Student Association

Pierce Results Club

Student LIFE Force

Ice Hockey Club

World Congress of Chiropractic Students

Award Winners:

Advisor of the Year                                                         Eli Pascoe

Executive Leader of the Year – CGUS                         Samenna White

Executive Leader of the Year – COC                           Kynan Tarnowski

Life Leadership Award – CGUS                                  Harley Wheeler

Life Leadership Award – COC                                     Marcus Hummel

Member of the Year – CGUS                                       Martin Cortes

Member of the Year – COC                                          Spencer Surmont

New Member of the Year                                             Carolina Orria

Outstanding First-Year Student – CGUS                    Sophie Hose

Outstanding First-Year Student – COC                       Joan Dungey

Outstanding Leadership Award – CGUS                     Brian Muntanga

Outstanding Leadership Award – COC                        Carolina Hurtado Hoyos

President of the Year – CGUS                                        Richaben Patel

President of the Year – COC                                          Kain Queck

Transformational Programming                                    Campus Activities Board

Diversity and Inclusion Programming                         Multicultural Student Association

Ripple Effect Award – CGUS                                        Richaben Patel

Ripple Effect Award – COC                                          Johnny Reuter

Spirit of Life Award – CGUS                                        Crystal Calderon

Spirit of Life Award – COC                                           Ryan Pruitt

Student Employee Award – CGUS                              Alexandria (Spiff) Sedrick

Student Employee Award – COC                                Makenzie Schouten

New Student Organization of the Year                       Ice Hockey Club

Student Organization of the Year                                Student LIFEforce

Orientation Leader of the Year                                    Richaben Patel

Resident Assistant of the Year                                     Emily Kirkland

Resident Assistant of the Year                                     Esteban Diaz