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Enroll in Retirement Plan

Are you taking full advantage of one of your best job perks yet? LIFE’s retirement plan provides many great benefits, but getting the most out of it requires that you put something into it.

Here are five tips for putting the power of the plan to work for you:

Tip #1: Get in early
As soon as you’re eligible, enroll in your plan. Putting it off even one or two years can make a big difference in your savings balance over time.

Tip #2: Save consistently
Your plan makes it easy to contribute every pay period with convenient payroll deductions — helping ensure that you don’t miss the market’s best performing days.

Tip #3: Gradually increase your savings
As you earn more, try to put a greater percentage of your pay into your plan. Why not 2% more each year — striving to reach a savings level of 12% or more?

Tip #4: Invest wisely
Be sure to review your plan’s investment options and select those that best align with your personal situation and preferences.

Tip #5: Talk with a professional
Have questions about your investments? Want to find out if you’re saving enough to meet your goals? Simply contact your retirement plan representative for these answers — and more!

Enroll in the plan today and start working it!
You can enroll in your plan by completing just a few steps. But first you need to register for online access at
. Choose Retirement Account and follow the prompts to register and enroll.

Then, you can enroll online or by phone.

  • Enroll online
    • Select “Retirement Account” from the Policy/Account Holders section.
    • Go to and click “Register now.”
    • Follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Enroll by phone
    • Call 800-234-3500
    • Follow the step-by-step instructions.
    • If you need assistance during the call, simply say “Customer service” or press “0.”

Please note that if you are eligible to enroll in the multiple plans, you will need to enroll in each plan separately and repeat the steps above.

Want to learn more about the perks of participating in your plan? Contact your retirement plan representative or visit