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Life News

Student WOW – Extraordinary Expression of LP

The Life U Clinics system has been undergoing the challenging (but very worthwhile) process of adopting a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. The process has involved extensive training for Clinics personnel and student interns.
One intern in particular, Sadeddin “Saad” Yamlikha, displayed an extraordinary expression of Lasting Purpose over the Summer Quarter break by helping his fellow interns learn the new NextGen EHR. Saad spent many hours and days helping other interns during the times when he did not have patients scheduled. On more than a few occasions, other student interns reported that Saad had provided them with a great deal of assistance in both the student prep area and in the adjusting room. When C-HOP personnel thanked Saad for his efforts, his humility made his helpfulness even more impressive. Saad’s generosity in sharing his time and knowledge to the benefit of his fellow students and to the University clearly conveys his commitment to Lasting Purpose.