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Division of Clinics

Division of Clinics

The Mission of the College of Chiropractic is to educate, mentor, and graduate contemporary and compassionate Doctor of Chiropractic based on a model of Vertebral Subluxation. The combination of sciences, philosophy, practice management, and real-world clinical applications in Life University’s Doctor of Chiropractic program gives students an engaging curriculum that one could only describe as exceptional. The Division of Clinics prepares student interns by advancing their clinical experience as they excel from one level to the next. There are three levels at the clinic that focus on the patient experience, each level building off the next.

Level One: Students in the 7th and 8th quarters begin their orientation to the clinic system, focusing on clinical competency development, including an introduction to
all aspects of patient care.

Level Two: Students in the 9th 12th quarters celebrate the arrival to the out patient clinical experience with a Gateway celebration. Student interns have mastered their studies and officially begin spending most of their time interacting with and caring for various patients with a wide range of conditions. In this setting, student interns are mentored by faculty with significant patient management expertise. The Level II clinic includes a variety of specialties (i.e., radiology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, pediatrics, nutrition, and sports).

Level Three: Students in 13th or 14th quarters round out their clinical experience by participating as a valuable team member of the P.E.A.K. clinic. The P.E.A.K. Doctor acts as a mentor to the intern, helping to bridge the gap between the classroom, the LIFE clinics, and private practice. In many cases, the P.E.A.K. Doctor is not only a facilitator in the student intern’s development, but also becomes a lifelong mentor. Interns perform history examinations, diagnoses and X-rays; provide chiropractic adjustments; and complete a Learning Objective Worksheet each week. In many other programs, student interns mostly just observe a practice. This is clearly not the case in the LIFE PEAK Program. This experience allows the intern to gain valuable insights into the nuances of running a profitable practice and the rewards of providing quality chiropractic care.

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