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Successful care begins with an accurate diagnosis, and our experts take the time to get it right. The Life University radiology department provides state of the art digital radiography. Our radiologists are certified by the Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (DACBR).

Our radiologists work with skilled technologists and office staff to efficiently provide imaging services, convenient scheduling of appointments, and reports within 24 hours. We have five radiology suites conveniently located in Marietta and Midtown, Atlanta.

We offer convenient patient payment options:

  • If patient has insurance coverage for care, we will verify benefits for them prior to service.
  • If patient self pays, we offer time-of-service discounts.

Not available to those with Medicare, or a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim

We require a completed radiology request form prior to patient scheduling. This ensures that your patient is scheduled appropriately. Please document the chief complaint and appropriate ICD10 diagnosis code(s) on the radiology request form.

Please clearly delineate each body region and its corresponding diagnosis code(s).

ex: cervical spine radiculopathy and shoulder pain (M54.12; M25.511)

When completing the radiology request form, the completed form must be typed, not handwritten. The request form and patient history form (page 1 and 2) must be completed in its entirety and signed by the ordering DC/DO/MD only. This will ensure all patient information is legible.

Radiology Request Form

Please fill out and fax to 770-426-2998 OR email to


Some recovery requires physiotherapy in addition to your chiropractic adjustments. Physiotherapy works on strengthening and stabilizing the joints in the body and in the spinal column. We provide several types of therapies to support the healing and wellness process including but not limited to:

Electrical stimulation (E-stim):
E-stim therapy uses electrical pulses to target either muscles or nerves. E-stim therapy for muscle recovery sends mild electrical signals to targeted muscles to make them contract. By causing these muscle contractions, blood flow is improved, which helps repair injured muscles. This procedure helps accelerate recovery and provides relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms.

Spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy. It helps to relieve pressure from your spine by stretching the muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine and taking pressure off your discs. It not only helps to relieve pain, but it also helps to correct problems with your spine.

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves that use both heat and relaxation to break down scar tissue and increase local blood flow. Ultrasound can be used to reduce pain and improve your mobility and range of motion.

Nutritional Support

We provide recommended nutritional support for patients with our partner, Standard Process. Standard Process can ensure delivery of high-quality products because of their vertically integrated processes starting with cultivating nutrient-dense soil on their certified organic farm to formulating new products at their state-of-the-art Nutrition Innovation Center. Standard Process is committed to an unwavering focus on quality and testing, which allows them to manage the purity, safety, and consistency of all their supplements.

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