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Welcome to Life University’s email signature generator. This tool is utilized to ensure University-wide signature standards.


  • No additions or subtractions to the required fields can be made, other than the optional fields.
  • The generated signature must not be altered in any way.
  • The email generator does allow for approved Special Footers.
    • Select your approved special footer from the dropdown list.
    • If your department’s footer is not listed, submit a Marketing Request to have yours added to the list.

Special footers must follow the rules within these guidelines;

  • No images. The Life University logo and the small social media icons are the only images allowed.
  • Links must be placed behind anchor text. Please do not use http(s):// in the links.
    • Correct example:
    • Incorrect example:
    • Links should only lead to Life University-related properties.
  • The main University address will be the only address in the signature. Additional addresses are not allowed.
  • Quotes and axioms are not allowed.
  • Marketing will review all submitted special footers for branding, editing and style.

Once you have submitted the form, your signature will be emailed to you and to Marketing. You may copy and paste your signature into your Outlook and begin to use it. Marketing will only contact you if there is a need to make a change to your signature.

Thank you.
Marketing Department