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Facilities Planning Request

Facilities Planning Request

Request Form

The Facilities Planning Council (FPC) is responsible for accepting, reviewing, approving and implementing all requests for University facilities and space utilization; all related furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and technology needs; as well as overseeing the development of a master facilities plan for the University.

The FPC shall consist of the following University representatives:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration (Chair)
  • Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice President for University Advancement and Enrollment
  • Director of Facilities Management
  • Project Manager for Campus Development

The FPC shall meet bi-weekly to:

  • Review and consider all facility space use and/or change (paint, flooring, construction, etc.) requests;
  • Review and consider FF&E and technology requests;
  • Identify resources needed, (i.e. human, financial and technology);
  • Ensure all approved requests are consistent with the University Master Space and Facilities Plan;
  • Provide recommendations, as necessary, to the President.

Request and Approval Process
Requests for all University work including reconfiguration or redesign of offices, classrooms or other University spaces, reassignment or relocation of any existing programs/offices, storage areas and all other space, technology and/or related furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) needs that meet the following criteria shall be submitted on the FPC request form through the area supervisor and Vice President to be submitted to the FPC.

Criteria: submitted to the FPC.

  • Cost is greater than $5,000, or
  • Requires services of an outside contractor or vendor, i.e.; construction, electrical, plumbing, etc., or
  • Changes the function or nature of the space, or
  • Includes a request for furniture

Please use this form to submit all requests relative to any alteration in and/or use of Life University facilities (office space, classrooms, storage, etc.), space planning initiatives, facilities modification (remodel, paint, carpet, lighting, etc.), office and/or classroom furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), building signage (interior and exterior), and all other facilities related initiatives.

Facilities Planning Request Form