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Life News

Meet the Future of Research

On February 22, 2019, the Office of Sponsored Research and Scholarly Activity (OSRSA) celebrated Life University students’ achievement in research as RISE Scholarship and Funded Project recipients. “Meet the Future of Research” provided an provided opportunity for the Life University community to learn about the student projects through oral presentations and a question-and-answer session.

Life University is committed to encouraging and providing support for students to explore their ideas. The Research, Innovation, Service and Education (“RISE”) Scholarships provide opportunities for students to compete for $2,250 in scholarship funding while working under the mentorship of a Life University faculty or staff advisor on an evidence‐based research, education, service, entrepreneurial or creative project. The Funded Projects Award provides small-scale funding for students to carry out their work or to travel and present their projects at conferences and workshops or other gatherings.

OSRSA would like to thank all faculty, staff and students that supported and attended the event. If you would like to learn more about how to become a RISE or Funded Projects Scholar, please contact or call our office at 770-426-2769.

OSRSA Student Research

Jonathan Bryson and Lori Beth Bryson, College of Chiropractic

Sagittal spinal kinematic evaluation comparing internal frame and frameless backpacks 

NiAmber Harris, College of Chiropractic

The effects of chiropractic care on African-American post-stroke rehabilitation patients

Gabriel Kelly, College of Chiropractic

Assessment of hip and shoulder kinematics of a chiropractor during performance of side posture adjustments: data from a pilot study

Eniabitobi Kuyinu, Ph.D., College of Chiropractic

Case Report of an adult patient with self-reported symptoms of ADHD receiving multimodal Applied Clinical Neuroscience care

Lezlie López-Rivera, College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Impact of Dietary Intake on the Salivary Microbiome

Nahlah Madkhali, Master’s in Clinical Nutrition candidate,

Association between Whole and Refined Grain Consumption and Body Composition among Life University

Huda Mobarki, Master’s in Clinical Nutrition candidate

Importance of Nutritional Risk Factors Related to Bone Mineral Density Among Female Athletes at Life University

Javier Romero-Roig, College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Food marketing and the consumption of healthy and unhealthy food