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Staff Council

Staff Council

The Staff Council is an advisory body that serves and represents the needs, concerns and interests of all Life University staff members.

The major purpose of the Life University Staff Council (LUSC) shall be to encourage professional development of the staff; to improve communication within and between staff and faculty within the University; and to participate in University governance through representatives appointed by the Staff Council Executive Committee.

The Staff Council shall continually seek new opportunities for staff to offer their services and experiences, while also ensuring that staff work in a positive, respectful atmosphere with opportunities for their own professional growth.

Future events for Winter Quarter 2024 will be announced soon!

Officers and email:

Danae C. Glanton Chairperson –
Andre Clanton Vice Chairperson –
Laura Gargis Secretary –
Hurley Reed Treasurer –

The Staff Council maintains a course on Blackboard. As a staff member at Life University, you are automatically enrolled in this course.