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Life News

Increase in Legitimate Emails Caught in Spam Filters

AppRiver, the system that we use to screen email for spam and viral infections, has recently adjusted their filters. As a result, they are quarantining more messages before they even hit your inbox. 

AppRiver sends you an email each day titled “Held Spam Report for March DD, YYYY.”  Please review this each day. This email provides a list of all email quarantined the previous day and allows you to release the emails that were legitimate. You may also access the system by going to: and logging in. The AppRiver website password is not linked to your LIFE password, but their site does have a “forgot password?” link on the login page that you may use to recover your password. 

Once you have logged in, use the “Quarantine” tab to review and manage emails that should not have been quarantined. Just click on the checkbox in front of the emails and click the “Release” button at the top of the page. If you select the “Release” button on the following screen, the email will be released and appear in your inbox. If you select the “Release and Add to Allowed List” button, emails from that email address and or domain will no longer be quarantined.

On the “Report Settings” page, you can determine how often the quarantine reports are sent to you along with additional settings.

Outlook also filters emails that it believes to be spam and places them in the “Junk Email” folder, so don’t forget to check there too if you are looking for an expected email that never showed up. You can turn off the Outlook filtering by clicking the “Junk” dropdown button at the top of Outlook and selecting “Junk E-mail Options” and then selecting “No Automatic Filtering.” Note that emails from addresses you have marked as “Blocked Senders” will still be moved to the junk folder.